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The Power of One

Last Sunday was the last of a 4-part sermon series on the "One Thing" that pleases God.  Saw this poem in the church bulletin and liked it very much. The Power of One One song can spark a moment, One flower can wake the dream. One tree can start a forest, One bird can herald […]

Catching Up

Haven’t been reading the usual blogs that i read… well, am on MC today (was told it’s "the common cold") so i decided to go do some catching up.  Found this interesting personality test from my friend’s blog.  Take it here.  My results as follows… Your Type is ESFJ Extraverted Sensing Feeling Judging Strength of […]

Read the last post about KM’s Jap and short tongue story?? This is part 2… BM to KM: Today we met a Japanese from the bank. Surprisingly, he has a long tongue. KM: Really? U asked him that?? (I nearly fainted when i heard this) BM: Of ‘cos not… (pauses)… Small Fry (me) went to […]

u are what u eat

yet another afternoon highlight. —————— Bigmac: so what’s Mr. Suki like in person?  is he a nice person? Kid’s Meal (KM): he’s quite nice.  but his English is like different. Bigmac: well, most Japanese speak English a bit strangely. KM: no.  i think it’s ‘cos Japs have short tongues. Bigmac: really?  i wouldn’t know… i’ve […]

iceman & me

a lot of people were curious how Iceman and i got together.  a JC classmate almost didn’t believe it and thought i was joking when he asked if we were a couple (‘cos of my MSN pic) and i said we were.  so how did we get started?  i would say it started 11 years […]

MT’s Wedding

On to some nicer news, the reason why i was in KL over the New Year was ‘cos i was attending MT’s wedding.  CONGRATS MT!!  Wait… i haven’t told her about my blog.  Heh. Oh well, here’re some pics i took.  🙂     Patience took a ride with us up to KL.     […]

Crown Princess Hotel (KL)

Stayed at the Crown Princess KL over the new year.  The place SUCKS!  So heed my advice and don’t EVER stay there.  Here’s why it sucks… The first time i saw a baby roach in the toilet, i thought never mind, it’s an old hotel, so finding 1 roach might’ve been something inevitable, and i […]

Advertlets Cock Up

Apologies people.  Haven’t accessed my blog the past week ‘cos i was very busy at work.  Visited my blog just now and kept getting diverted to another site.  Then i noticed it said, "domain expired".  Did a search on Technorati and found out that, the site i was using for banner ads, forgot to […]

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