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Counting Down

Just confirmed today that my last day at work will be 8 Aug. Well, officially it’s 9 Aug… but if i work on National Day… how the heck am i supposed to claim a day off right?? So, my last day at the 18th floor of SLT will be on 8 Aug 2006. (My notice […]

Hungry Ghost Festival

It’s the 7th month of the lunar calendar once again… when the gates of hell open for inhabitants the other world to visit ours… In fact, this year, there are two “7th months” unleashed upon mankind…. A mysterious sighting was witnessed at the Forbidden City… see it for yourself… The Mystery of the Moving Plastic […]

Blog Unfriendliness

Sigh… just realised that blogspot has blocked photos from being hosted on their server & linked to other blog sites… so all my old posts with photos in them (posts i transferred from blogspot) now all have problems loading the photos. I don’t know if i’ll be able to redo all the posts, as in […]

Once Upon a Time

Confession time. The reason why some of my posts have been password-protected is ‘cos they were about my search for a new job. Today, i’ve finally signed my new employment contract with my new co. to be, Eon, and tendered my resignation with my current co. I was rather hesitant about tendering my resignation cos […]

Father & Son

Pinky waiting for his ride to the clinic Pinky went for another operation today. A pretty major one i would say. As his front incisors were overgrown again, the vet advised that it was best to have them extracted so that they wouldn’t keep cutting into his gums. The past few days, ‘cos his teeth […]

Bad Luck & Soccer

More soccer-tainment for u… hehe…

99.9% there

Praise the Lord! Eon* called to say they want to employ me. I’m beaming like an idiot now! Heh. I was with the recruitment guy discussing how to handle the interview with Cofrance* tomorrow when Big Mac* from Eon called. At first i asked if i could call him back in like 10mins but he […]

Rated: E

For Extremely bad. Just saw like 15 mins of the latest “infotainment” show on Ch 5 & it is really cheesy. The 2 hosts make me want to cringe. They have this fake “not here not there” accent, and they are SO bad at acting hip. Ewww. It’s gross. Don’t watch on a full stomach. […]


Have u ever taken a DISC personality test before? It’s supposed to help you understand your personality better, w.r.t your job function, hence helping u figure out if u have a good job fit or not. DISC stands for Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness. Click here if u want to know more about DISC. I […]

Waiting Game

I have bad vibes about the job with Eon. What happened this morning was this: I called B.Mac but he didn’t answer the phone. So i sent an sms saying that i’m still very keen on the job after going through the notes he gave me, as well as checking out the website. B.Mac […]

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