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Nokia N8

Just visited the Nokia store at Parkway Parade. Barring any unforeseen circumstances, the Nokia N8 pre-order will be launched next week. The phone should hit stores in Sep. Hehe. Won’t be buying via a pre-order though. My handphone contract will be up soon so i intend to renew my contract and get the phone. Yeah! […]

Losing the Edge

We finally found a replacement for Fillet today.  Conducted the 2nd interview with the new chap this morning and got approval to offer him the position by the afternoon – he accepted it.  This new chap doesn’t seem as outstanding as the candidate we offered the last time but I think he’s a good choice […]

Sing a Song for Singapore

This year’s National Day song…   It’s a brand new day a brand new story I remembered the way it used to be We’ve come so far You’re my history you’re my beginning In all I’ve done I’ve been nurtured in your arms And you carried me this far Chorus: I want to sing Sing […]

Happy 45th Birthday Singapore!

Today marks the 45th year since Singapore gained independence.  This is one of the old National Day songs that I really love.  🙂   And my all time favourite, Kit Chan’s rendition of “Home”.   I’ll be watching the parade on TV tonight.  What about you?

Whatever It Takes

I’ve been very upset lately, enough to even resign from my job if push comes to shove. The person causing my grief is Xiaowang. Xiaowang is a self-proclaimed regional expert in 1 of the product lines i handle. I am suspicious of his character and the fact that he was fired by his previous company […]

Jeepney on XiaoWang

Hello from Changi Airport T2… on the way to Manila.. be back on Thurs!!

Candidate Search Goes On

The candidate whom we offered a job rejected us. He’s joining a Jap bank to do credit analysis. I think he’ll regret it but i guess sometimes people need to experience something for themselves before they know what’s suitable for them. Interviewed another 2 candidates yesterday and 1 of them was terrible! Turned up without […]

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