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Not sure how many people still remember but there used to be this really cute e-mail software called Postpet where you can get your virtual pet to deliver your e-mails for you.  If the recipient of your e-mail has the Postpet software too, he will actually see your pet arrive at this inbox (which looks […]

Lose that Bag of Rice

Two of my lovely jie meis for my wedding were discussing on how to lose the equivalent of 2-3 bags of rice in weight.  I suggested that cutting down or stopping alcohol intake completely should help.  Check out this amazing website to see why:

CNY Drama

My mom told me this morning that my dad had a huge stand off with my 4th aunt (his sis).  This 4th aunt fell out and decided to cut all ties with the family following disagreements over my grandmother’s funeral arrangement and the subsequent execution of her "will" (which everyone suspects was doctored by my […]

Live and (Re)Loaded

These were some pointers/lessons that were touched upon and/or shared (by other participants) during the marriage preparation course but it is only recently that I have come to realise how they may affect me. 1. The couple should ideally set up a home of their own (if finances permit) Not that there’s anything wrong with […]


Was looking for a new theme for my blog.  Found 4 that I like but can’t quite decide which I should use. This is nice except it’s a little too wide to fit exactly into my 1024×768 monitor setting.   Will it look like I lost my marbles if I used this?   Nice shade […]

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

A few years ago, I asked a teacher friend of mine why did she adopt her husband’s surname.  She said it was because if she got pregnant in the future, she did not want her students to think that she had a baby out of wedlock.  I thought that was a fair enough answer though […]

Here’s Another One…

With regard to corny jokes this CNY, I’ve heard a lot of “Happy Niu Year” greetings going around till I’m so sick of it.  Saw a new joke today though… my friend wished everyone an “oxpicious” new year.  Heh.

1st Day of Chinese New Year

Today marks the last time I’ll be spending CNY as a single.  The day started out pretty much the same as the past few years – went to my paternal 4th uncle’s house to pay respects at my grandparents’ altar tablet (managed to avoid offering joss sticks this year by telling my dad firmly that […]

              Horlicks wants everyone to know, she’s truly busty.                 What the heck is “the only healthier choice”??  If it’s the only choice, then it can’t be “healthier” right?  Since there’s nothing to compare it with?  Perhaps the company meant “the only […]

Bunnies in the Box!

You have jack in the box… now presenting to you… bunnies in the box!   Pinky attempts jumping out of the box…   It’s not very clear in the video… but Pinky actually used his paw and pushed Horlick’s hind leg and she “fell” into the box.  Heh.

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