CNY Drama

My mom told me this morning that my dad had a huge stand off with my 4th aunt (his sis).  This 4th aunt fell out and decided to cut all ties with the family following disagreements over my grandmother’s funeral arrangement and the subsequent execution of her "will" (which everyone suspects was doctored by my 2nd aunt but we never had proof). 

The bungalow that my grandmother left behind was eventually sold and the proceeds were shared equally among all the siblings so I have no idea what this aunt is sore about, especially when she is flooded with cash (inherited from her late husband’s estate) and is definitely not in need of money.

Anyway, my parents visited my 2nd aunt’s home on CNY day 2 and were invited to stay for dinner.  Shortly after dinner, my 4th aunt arrived with her kids.  My dad was in the toilet/kitchen and only my mom was in the living room so my mom went to the door to wish her happy CNY and to shake her hand (out of respect as my 4th aunt is older than my dad).  My 4th aunt wished my mom a happy CNY too albeit a little coldly.

My 2nd aunt and my dad then came to the living room and my dad walked forward to wish her a happy CNY… but my aunt cut him off saying, "We don’t know each other hor?".

My dad was mad.  He replied curtly, "Yah.  We don’t know each other."

My parents then took their stuff and left immediately.  My 2nd aunt saw them to the gate and was very apologetic about the whole incident.  She asked my dad to forgive their 4th sister. 

When my dad got home, he called his 4th brother (FYI – my dad’s the "7th brother") to complain and my 4th uncle reminded him that it was my 2nd aunt who stirred all the trouble when my grandmother passed away.  My parents however, felt that since my grandmother died so many years ago (in Feb 2002 I think), and given that my 2nd aunt has in recent years tried to mend ties with all her siblings, why hold grudges against her?  After all, we’re still family… and in the same light, it makes the actions of my 4th aunt all the more unacceptable.

Drama right?  Heh.  That’s what you get when you come from a really really huge family… TVB epic drama material.

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  1. 1 BQ

    normal.. happens to my family too.. because of will too…
    no wonder TVB drama is such a hit.. coz its reflecting our everyday life….

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