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What makes a good broker?

Caught up with an ex-client for drinks last Fri. ‘Ex’ because the client changed companies and that account is being managed by a colleague of mine. Client was griping about certain issues at the new place and BM and me suggested some ways the client could get around the problem. The client then said – […]

Dance Notes

Private Class with Deborah (26 Oct 2013) 1. Sugar Push / Tuck Turn Make sure full weight transfer on 3. Back leg bends as front leg straightens. 2. Turns During triple step turn, do a small small big, i.e. turning right, last left step will be big step and remember to drag in right foot. […]

Dance Notes

Private with Chuck on 24 Oct 2013 1) Foot Position Don’t open feet outwards so much. Small V. 2) Sugar Push Count 3 – should feel like a “check”. Weight should push into the floor. Do not pitch forward. Breathe in to expand frame. Count 4 – push/ glide back, marginally diagonally right. Make sure […]


Pursuing excellence in one area of life only is not enough.


I don’t know why we sometimes have a tendency to complicate matters. In our attempt to avoid unpleasant confrontations, we actually prolong difficult situations. Note to self: Keep it simple, stupid.

Strange Dream

I had a strange dream last week.  I dreamt that I resigned without a job and as I approached my last day with the company, I started getting overwhelmed with regret.  I then started thinking of excuses I could tell my boss that I didn’t want to quit anymore.  Heh.  I felt sad that I […]

you get what you give

i sent out a 2nd round of sms-es today to people who have not replied to my 1st round of sms wedding invitation.  some came back and said yes, others said they couldn’t make it ‘cos they won’t be in Singapore.  some also said they will get back to me later ‘cos they are still […]

Live and (Re)Loaded

These were some pointers/lessons that were touched upon and/or shared (by other participants) during the marriage preparation course but it is only recently that I have come to realise how they may affect me. 1. The couple should ideally set up a home of their own (if finances permit) Not that there’s anything wrong with […]

Snooze is Evil

I need to stop snoozing.  Woke up at 8:15am this morning though my original alarm clock was set for 7:30am.  Woke up at 7:40am (snooze), Iceman rang at 7:45am, 2nd alarm went off again at 7:50am and every subsequent 5 minutes till 8:15am.  Argh.  Left my house at 8:42am (I officially start work at 8:30am) […]

Note to Self

Note to self #1: When wearing hot pants, do not hook fingers through belt loops as underwear will be exposed.  Wait a min… note to self sub point 1 – do not wear hot pants when you have flabby legs. Note to self #2: When working as cabbie, preparation is better than cure. Note to […]

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