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Goodbye 2008

It’s the last day of the year again.  Am typing this ‘cos I’ve been instructed to “nuah” for another couple of minutes while I wait for Azure to go for our last lunch of 2008.  Heehee. It has been a great year at work.  Business (at least before 4Q) was good for the political risk […]

Weirdoes Galore

Good grief.  Iceman sent me this article of this Japanese tourist who stayed at a Mexico airport for 117 days and then mysteriously disappeared with a woman in a cab.  Check it out here.

Random Photos – Nov & Dec 2008

    When one cannot decide to poop or sleep.               MC eyes my Awfully Chocolate cake!               Strange find in a multi-storey carpark… (forgot which though).             Upsize’s meal from Sun with Moon Restaurant at Wheelock Place.  […]

Bunny Pics – Nov & Dec ’08

Pinky demonstrates that he’s as nimble as Horlicks.   Agile up the stairs too.   The DMZ border…   Pinky raises the alert!   The handsome one drinking water.   Voluptuous Horlicks

Got this from the website: Donors to the Presidential Inaugural Committee. “In keeping with President-elect Obama’s commitment to changing the way business is done in Washington, the Presidential Inaugural Committee (PIC) is taking unprecedented steps to insure transparency in the public reporting of donors to a Presidential Inaugural Committee. This chart will allow you to […]

Christmas Isn’t Christmas

That’s one of my favourite Christmas carols.  Hope you liked the random video I pulled from youtube.  🙂 So how did you spend Christmas?  I had a lovely time this year.  Started with Christmas service in church, followed by a Christmas potluck with my cellgroup, having drinks with friends at Balaclava on Friday, a mini […]

Finger the Noun

For a very long time, I’ve struggled with the use of the word "invite".  I’ve always understood "invite" to be a verb, e.g. you invite someone to your house for a Christmas party.  However, these days, "invite" is commonly used to replace the word "invitation", e.g. I received a wedding invite from my friend yesterday. […]


I saw a good quote from Our Daily Bread today: A miracle needs no explanation to those who believe in God; to those who don’t, no explanation is enough.

Epitome of No Sense of Direction

I had an argument with my mom this morning.  Every morning, I take the PIE and exit via slip road 3A to get to Simei Road.  Last Sunday, a new traffic light became operational at the slip road.  This traffic light helps pedestrians walking from Tampines St 31 to Simei Road to cross the slip […]

Gift Exchange

With Christmas round the corner, everyone’s rushing to do some "last minute Christmas shopping".  I was buying some toiletries at Watson’s just now and the lady in the cashier queue behind me was loaded with tons of pre-wrapped decorative items, face towels, etc.  As she dumped the entire load onto the cashier counter (knocking into […]

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