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Happy Easter in Advance

Woke up this morning to see Muah Chee bargaining with Patience to try to sneak him into my luggage to go to Australia.  Patience told MC that he was just too big to go unnoticed but MC was persistent.  But too bad… tried as he did, he couldn’t get himself to fit into my suitcase […]

How Fast Do You Type?

Just did a typing test.  Hehe.  Did it twice but my speed was the same – 91 words per minute (though the 2nd time i did the test, i typed 525 characters per minute, versus 517 chars the first time). 91 words Speedtest Try it out!  Hehehehehe.  🙂


gul•li•ble adjective easily deceived or cheated Related forms gul•li•bil•i•ty, noun gul•li•bly, adverb I have a friend who is amazingly gullible. Every week she’ll send some mass email about some urban legend or myth, the latest one being hawkers adding plastic items into their frying pans to ensure the fried food retain its crispiness. Everytime she […]

Agents of Grace

This was today’s Our Daily Bread reading.  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jesus’ most memorable story, The Prodigal Son, ends with a banquet scene, featuring as its hero a good-for-nothing who has soiled the family reputation. Those judged undesirable by everyone else—like the prodigal son—are infinitely desirable to God. When one of them turns to God, a party breaks […]

Tuesday Peeves

Was really really annoyed on the MRT this morning as the MRT announcements on the train were just WAY TOO LOUD! What’s with blasting the speakers at the max man! And the announcements come non-stop. First, the speakers blare out the station name, then the instruction to mind the gap, then the name of the […]

Facebook Anthem

This is hilarious…     This is one catchy tune… reminds me of Hossan Leong’s Singapore satire.  🙂

One Week More…

Went to Simei (Eastpoint area) for lunch today.  Was surprised to see this Caucasian (angmoh) family having "cai beng" at the same coffeeshop as me.  I guess that was an unusual enough sight because after I left the coffeeshop, I saw 3 Chinese girls taking photos with the 2 angmoh kids.  I have no idea […]

Countdown to Australia!

I’ll be going to Australia for about 2.5 weeks starting 18 Mar.  Am happy to be going on a long leave and to a place I’ve never been before… but I’m also worried that it’ll be a bit of a waste of time.  I’ll be going to Melbourne, Tasmania and Adelaide and I have no […]

Busy March

Pinky is SUCH a cam whore!  He kept posing for photos when the other bunnies kept hopping about.  He even listened to my instructions to place his paws on the kerb for a nicer pose!  That vain pot! “My right profile is nicer”. “U sure u got that shot right?” “Right profile please”. “And again…” […]

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