Happy Easter in Advance

18032008325 Woke up this morning to see Muah Chee bargaining with Patience to try to sneak him into my luggage to go to Australia.  Patience told MC that he was just too big to go unnoticed but MC was persistent.  But too bad… tried as he did, he couldn’t get himself to fit into my suitcase and so he resigned to his fate of staying in Singapore while Patience embarks on her first trip to Australia.

Accompanying Patience and me to Australia are my trusty and dusty old Diesel shoes.  They were a birthday present from my Singnet friends back in 2001… and the pair of shoes have gone all over Europe… and a few countries in SEA.  The soles were quite worn out and I thought they couldn’t be changed…. but I was wrong!  Iceman told me that the soles were changeable, though I probably wouldn’t get back the same brown soles as the original.  But it’s ok!  I’m happy that the soles are mended… and the shoes are going with me to Australia.  🙂

Am going to have to shut down my laptop now.  Think I may just convulse in Australia due to Internet withdrawal syndrome… I’m going to be without a computer / Internet access for 2.5 weeks *spasm* *jerk jerk*.

Anyway, got to now.  Going to say goodbye to the other bunnies – Pinky, Muah Chee (the real one), Horlicks, Coffee and Peanut.

Happy Easter in advance!

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