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"I’m Leaving"

Saw this absolutely cute video of a dog leaving home… heh.  Enjoy!

"I’m Leaving"

Saw this absolutely cute video of a dog leaving home… heh.  Enjoy!

Latest Bunny Pics

Got more cute pics of the bunnies.     Guard duty.           “Red alert – what’s that sound?”           “We have to be careful of catruders,  u know!”           Pinky en pointe!           “Don’t think of touching my food!” […]

My 1st Shower

hi once again my fans, my chauffeur tricked me into a fur wash yesterday.  he first brought my mom into the house… and i thought my mom’s furstyle looked kind of weird when she came out… all spikey & wet… but i didn’t think more about it and hopped into my car when my chauffeur opened […]

Pettiness Knows No Bounds

I had a very cool and aloof response from a “friend” today when i tried to talk to her.  Heard from someone a couple of days ago that she’s mad at me ‘cos i double-checked something with her some days back and she was offended that i thought she would “joke about something so serious”.  […]


dear fans & worshippers, i nearly lost my life last nite.  there was a catruder in the backyard!! the catruder snucked in when my mommy & i were sleeping.  the plastic board covering the front of my cage dropped suddenly & the next thing i knew, i saw this pair of luminous eyes staring straight at me!  i had […]

Life is Not a Coincidence

An ex-colleague of mine passed away yesterday.  Many in the office were rather surprised ‘cos he seemed fine in office the day before.  I also happen to be a friend of my colleague’s son (used to be from the same church), and his daughter was my primary schoolmate. At the wake just now, i found […]

The Stench of Hypocrisy

Saw this article on the Channel News Asia website today.  I like what it says.  🙂 ——————————– Title : Activists not convinced S’pore-bashing Paul Wolfowitz on their side Date : 19 September 2006 1348 hrs (SST) The irony is that he is normally the target, not the man on the high horse. When World Bank president […]


BOOHOOHOO!  I’m devastated!  My dad stole 5 out of 12 munchkin donuts i got Azure to port back from Bangkok.  My mom ate 1 too.  In the 30min that my donuts were left on the table unguarded, half of them are gone.  My mom has also “chope-d” 1 big donut for her breakfast tomorrow.  WAAAAHHHH!!!!  MY […]

Before & After

Hmm… am watching Zhong Yi Da Ge Da on Ch U now… must be a really old episode ‘ cos the pop duo, “Sweety” looks super young – and not very overlooking.  Haha.  Some time ago, I mentioned that there was this pair of singers on 100% Entertainment and they looked very different on 2 episodes i […]

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