Life is Not a Coincidence

An ex-colleague of mine passed away yesterday.  Many in the office were rather surprised ‘cos he seemed fine in office the day before.  I also happen to be a friend of my colleague’s son (used to be from the same church), and his daughter was my primary schoolmate.

At the wake just now, i found out that my ex-colleague died of kidney failure.  He has been suffering from diabetes from some time now but it seems that he did not manage the illness very well.  His son also didn’t know that the father had diabetes till 2 months ago.

Chatting with some ex-colleagues, i got to know my late ex-colleague better.  He was a conscientious worker who nary took a day of medical leave.  Even on days that the doc gave him a MC to rest at home, he would return to office to submit the MC first, before going home to rest.

In my memory, this ex-colleague of mine was a quiet man.  He stayed out of all office politics, and was happy to just do his own work.  We chatted occassionally and he was a nice enough person.

Thinking back to how his daughter used to take the same school bus as me, and how his son was in the same church choir as me, and how i got to know this ex-colleague when i went to work at the ISP helpdesk after my A levels, i cannot help but “marvel” at all the coincidences.  Life is stranger than fiction?  Actually, i think not. 

I don’t think life is about coincidences.  Instead, i believe that God has it in His will for us to meet specific people.  It’s not about 6-degrees of separation.  It’s about us always being in God’s plan.  So if God has destined for u to know Person A for e.g., even if u miss the opportunity once, God will provide other avenues for u to know the person.

I think the lesson to draw here is that we should always cherish the people around us…. our loved ones, our friends, etc.  Not for the cliche reason that “life is short”, but ‘cos these people are not in our lives ‘cos of a coincidence.  The fact that God had allowed us to meet them means that we’re expected to touch their lives in some way, and vice versa.

Anyway, it’s late and i’m awfully tired.  Need to rush some work early tomorrow morning ‘cos i left before i could finish it today… thankfully, my boss was ok when i explained that i wanted to go for a wake.

Exhausted now.. can hardly keep my eyes open.  Goodnight people. 

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