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A Tale of Two Dry Shampoos

A quick note on the 2 dry shampoos I’ve been using from Bastise. I started using the one on the left and I liked it because it leaves my hair feeling soft and gave a nice shine. However, while my hair didn’t smell (when I picked up portions n sniffed), somehow I felt there was […]

Purple Hair & Dry Shampoo

I finally got bored of my long tresses after 2 years and decided it’s time to have short hair again! I wanted a funkier cut but needed a more classic bob to cover the bleached and dyed hair. In the end, I settled for an inverted / a-line bob (googling for inspiration turned up several […]

Dyeing Hair

Tried one of those DIY hair colours at home today. It turned out well, thankfully. LOL. Ideally, l would’ve like to go to the salon to colour my hair before CNY but there weren’t any more available appointment slots left at the salon I usually patronise hence I decided to try 1 of those DIY […]

Me or the Earrings?

When I first bought this pair of Coach earrings, the skin on my ears always itched at the end of the day of wearing them. Recently, however, my ears seemed to have a customised to them and no longer itch. In fact, I can wear them 2 days in a row and have no allergic […]


Bought this Fancl collagen tablet during my HK trip. My mom was telling me that she takes it for maintenance of her skin. I’ve tried the collagen drink from Fancl too. Though my mom & I agree that we aren’t sure if taking collagen really helps our skin but we concluded that it doesn’t cause […]

Total Shopping Count

Back from Hong Kong I bought 5 blouses, 1 tee shirt, 1 skirt, 1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of really cheap earrings, 1 watch, 1 handbag and 3 pairs of shoes. I blame it on the shopaholic gene inherited from my mom. She bought 4 blouses, 1 cardigan, 1 scarf, 4 tee shirts, 2 […]


I seriously don’t know whether applying face masks will bring any benefits to my face…  I guess it’s one of those “no harm trying” kind of thing.  Unfortunately, being the lazy person I am, I hardly apply masks, though I’ve bought and have been given quite a few.  Anyway, there’s this temporary stall at Icon […]

Looking Back, Looking Forward

Haven’t blogged for so long because my boss went on a 2-week Japan holiday.  Nearly died trying to cover all the deals that seemed to flood in.  The minute my boss came back, I took leave to just nua.  After that, I got busy preparing for my own Japan trip.  Hehehe.  Here’s what I did… […]

Clearer Shot

Here’s a clearer pic of my mushroom hair!!  I like the bob and the wispy ends at the side.  🙂 Not sure why but the cut made my hair appear browner than before. 

Day Off

Took one day leave today.  Initially took only half day afternoon leave to visit Embrace Dental to get replacement aligners done ‘cos there’s a hole in my upper aligners.  Then decided that since I was going to be on leave, I might as well go for a manicure & pedicure, as well as get my […]

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