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For some strange reason, I can post to the blog via my ipad, Nokia and blackberry, but not my laptop. Why why why? It’s easiest using laptop!!

Nokia 808

I’m so looking forward to the newly announced Nokia 808. Reason why i haven’t changed my Nokia N8 is because i haven’t found a hp that better suits my 4 very basic requirements: 1) Able to multitask. I’m an impatient person and i hate waiting for things to load on the hp. If i surf […]

End of First Week

A rather busy first week at work. Felt a little stressed mid-week when a number of enquiries was given to me to handle but thankfully, I managed to sort things out by Fri. Most people assumed it’ll be a honeymoon period since it’s a new job… but the thing is, I’m doing the exact same […]

New Job

My 3-week break is OVER!  Starting work at my new office tomorrow.  Sian.  Break not long enough.  I haven’t nuah-ed enough.  Sigh.  Gotta go pack some essentials to take to office tomorrow… on the MRT some more.  Bleah!  I hate public transport.

Not all Char Kway Teow is Equal

If you like to eat local food, you’ll know that no 1 local dish is exactly the same.  There’re many places selling char kway teow but every cook will have his own style of preparing the dish.  This is probably why once a Singaporean has grown to like a particular stall, the eater will make […]

In Between Jobs

As of 5 Feb 2012, I will be officially “in between jobs”.  A pity I only get to bum around at home this week before I fly to USA for a 2-week holiday.  Will be back on 17 Feb & will start work at my next company on 20 Feb 2012. Many people have asked […]

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