In Between Jobs

As of 5 Feb 2012, I will be officially “in between jobs”.  A pity I only get to bum around at home this week before I fly to USA for a 2-week holiday.  Will be back on 17 Feb & will start work at my next company on 20 Feb 2012.

Many people have asked where I’ll be moving on to but I’ve not told anyone except for immediate family & a few close friends.  I was asked by my new boss, henceforth known as Microsoft, to keep it quiet to avoid any tension that may arise in my soon to be ex-company as quite a number of people have jumped ship (for different reasons).

There have been many guesses as to where I’m going.  Some colleagues thought that I’ll be joining Upsize at another multinational broker.  Some guessed (correctly) that I’ll be going to this specialist brokering house.  The PRI & Structured Trade underwriters think I’m joining one of them.  Whenever anyone asked me if their guess was correct, I have refused to confirm or deny.  I maintained that if you’re confident that you know where I’m going, then so be it.  Why do you have to ask me?  If you’re not sure, then just wait for my new company to announce my appointment. 

A rather funny thing happened today.  An ex-colleague of mine, who’s currently working in the company that I’m about to join, called Bigmac (who joined my new company ahead of me) to ask if I’ll be joining soon.  As Bigmac knows that I don’t wish to spread the news, he replied saying he wasn’t sure – to which the ex-colleague replied, “her name is in the telephone directory”.

Bigmac was totally caught off guard.  He glanced at the telephone directory & indeed my name was on it.  Nonetheless, he denied knowledge of when I’m starting work & clarified that I wouldn’t be reporting to him in any case.

When Bigmac called to tell me what happened, I couldn’t stop laughing.  I told him that my new company is really too efficient for their own good.  Kind of odd if you ask me – I mean, what if I don’t turn up for work in the end?  After all, I have been approached by another broker as well as an underwriter.  So until I step into the office to start work, there’s no knowing what may happen right? 

Anyway, I’ve got to admit I still feel rather sentimental towards my soon to be ex-company.  It has been a good 5.5 years, of which I really enjoyed my time there the last 2 years.  I was happy with the clients I had, the processes in place, the colleagues I have (most of them anyway) & the progress I achieved.  The 1 big push factor that drove me away was The Empire but that’s another story for another day.

I’m looking forward to my USA trip next week.  I really hope I’ll get to see snow (not too much – just a bit will do!) but the chances are quite low.  Can’t wait to wear my new boots.  Heehee.

Here’s to new boots, new gloves & a new job!

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