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See underlined portion below.  I hope this means no more calls from telemarketers pushing personal loans!  Woohoo! Minimum income requirement for unsecured credit relaxed to S$20,000 SINGAPORE: From next month, more people will be eligible for unsecured credit facilities. The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) has lowered the minimum annual income requirement from S$30,000 to […]


Was queuing for a taxi at Raffles City last night when this youth with a huge tattoo on his right arm approached me with a laminated letter, his wedding photo and a Neoprint picture of his wife and young kid.  I was trying to sms Booze Queen and Iceman regarding the breakdown of the MRT […]

More IT Woes

Heard Whisperer complaining about it first… two days in a row… first she was locked out of the intranet the very first time she tried to log in.  The second day, she was working halfway when her account locked up on its own. This morning, I tried logging onto the intranet as per normal.. but […]

It’s Only Tuesday?!

It’s only Tues but I feel as though I’ve spent all the energy available for work.  Cache has shown himself to be an efficient worker.  I’m also impressed that when I explain insurance concepts to him, he asks sensible questions that demonstrate his logical processing of the information.  But having to take care of this […]

Saw on the CNA website that President Nathan visited the Marina Barrage for the time yesterday.  I’m sure, being the President, he was busy and thus couldn’t find time to visit earlier.  But when you read the headlines, and in consideration that the Marina Barrage has been opened for some time now… don’t you think […]

Stupidity Index At All Time High

ITM is causing me to get a heart attack.  This morning, I requested that she transfers my phone extension to my new seat.  She went into the server room and said she’s done the transfer as per my request.  However, in her brilliance, she managed to cause my extension to ring at 2 seats. When […]

New Additions to the Eon Suite

Two new staff joined us recently.  One’s a very experienced lady who shall be known as “Ms Firefox” and the other is the temp staff who shall be known as “Cache”. I named Ms Firefox as such ‘cos the programme that she’s in charge of sounds like the name of an Internet browser.  And the […]

Bunny Letter Opener

Someone sent this clip to me some time back.  I thought it was really cute and funny.     Do you think I could train Horlicks to do this?  Heh.


Horlicks amazes me.  She’s a free spirit with little care for anything except seizing the moment and erm, doing whatever she wants.  Like sprawling on the floor asleep… never mind if the water container is in her way…     She has little regard for humans too.  Heh.  Two weeks back, Iceman was sitting on […]


A temp staff (who just finished NS and is waiting to start uni) will be joining us on Monday to help out in my dept.  I’m supposed to assign things to him to do but I really can’t think of much things.  Iceman suggested making him buy kopi and curry puff… which I guess might […]

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