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Tough Cookie Horlicks

Horlicks gave me a fright 2 nights ago.  I opened the sliding door at the side of my house to take a peek at the bunnies.  I saw Horlicks dashing in from the car porch, and there was blood on her front left paw.  I quickly went to check on her and saw that the […]

Don’t Say Govt Stingy…

Saw in the news today that PM Lee said: "In a big economy, you can boost consumption. The government gives money, people spend it and it’s spent within the economy. Most of it stays in, a little bit of it leaks out. You get a multiplier and the economic activity goes up. In Singapore if […]


I think Pinky needs to lose weight urgently.  He’s getting fatter and fatter.  I told my mom this morning that my dad is essentially killing Pinky by overfeeding.  As it is, Pinky’s tummy, instead of being curved in like normal rabbits, is bulging out.  When he lies stretched out, his body is way bigger than […]

Common Cents

This is the stuff that gives me high blood pressure at work.  Not that I’m particularly mad about this or something but sometimes the stupidity just gets to me. I sent this to the underwriter (u/wer) and asked him to confirm that my computation is correct. The u/wer replied saying that I undercharged the premium […]

dear fans of the most desirable Pinky, it has been some time since i wrote to everyone.  i have been doing fine.  life was good and there was little to complain about… till my chef cum chauffeur decided to go to Germany.  he handed over the duty of serving my gourmet meals to my maid […]

Table Top Dancing

Horlicks is one daring bunny.     Actually "daring" is an under statement… "absolutely fearless" is a more accurate description.

Poor President-Elect, Obama

This never really crossed my mind before – that those in office might not be allowed to use e-mail or other similar forms of online communication.  I feel Obama’s pain… ============================================ November 16, 2008 Lose the BlackBerry? Yes He Can, Maybe By JEFF ZELENY WASHINGTON — Sorry, Mr. President. Please surrender your BlackBerry. Those are […]

TPJC Friends

Attended a really really old friend’s wedding last week.  I classify this friend as my "TPJC friend" though that’s not really accurate.  I was in TPJC during the first 3 months of my JC 1st year.  This friend, NSG, was in TJC during the first 3 months.  After the ‘O’ level results were out, I […]

Outdoor Shoot Locations

Iceman wanted to test his new Nikon D90 so we decided to check out some places that might make for good wedding photoshoot locations.  Here’re some photos from Blair Plain.       Chanced upon some photos of Kampong Lorong Buangkok.  Thought this might be a potentially nice place too.     Looks really rustic […]

Civil Commotion in Bunny Land

There was total chaos, bordering on anarchy in the Forbidden City last night.  After my dad flew off to HK/Germany on Thursday morning, the bunnies had to stop their usual routine of visiting one another’s enclosure.  (Horlicks & Pinky share 1 enclosure while Peanut & Coffee share another enclosures.  My dad has a nightly routine […]

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