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Cult Motivation

Was invited by a friend recently to attend a "Landmark" seminar.  Didn’t want to reject a friend outright as I would a telemarketer.  So I went to check out the website for more info.  The layout of the website looked professional enough but I couldn’t figure out what the heck were they offering.  It looked […]

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Another catchy wedding song recommended by a friend.   Stevie Wonder’s "Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours)".

From Times Online – S’pore GP

This article is hilarious man!  I love the sarcasm… Panic at the pumps for Ferrari and Felipe Massa adds fuel to Lewis Hamilton’s hopes of glory Edward Gorman, Motor Racing Correspondent, Singapore Apart from the floodlights, the burning blue exhausts, the sparks ricocheting off the tarmac, the breathtaking setting and the buzz of excitement as […]

Formula One 28 Sep 2008 – THE DAY!

  Ah Beng lambo parked at Fullerton           There was a F1 drivers parade before the race started.  These are the cars the drivers went round the track in.                                             […]

  Nakajima again…           Nico Rosberg captured on the big screen in front of our seats!           Renault (Piquet)           Force India (Sutil)           Williams (Nico Rosberg).  Finally managed to get a clear shot of him.  It was sooooo […]

  Force India           Panasonic Toyota           Williams!  (Rosberg’s team mate, Nakajima).           The beautiful Singapore skyline and an usher slacking off…         Ok.  This is the stupid usher that really pissed me off.  She stopped everyone from taking photos […]

Iceman, Muah Chee & I have been waiting for this weekend since Feb.  The very first night race in F1 history.  Here’re some photos to mark the event!     Map of the entire race area.           Many local names set up shop at the race village – Old Chang Kee, […]

Formula 1’s First Ever Night Race!

Yup!  Right here in Singapore.  The time is here folks!  The cars are going to race through our little city.  Woohoo!  Looking forward to it.  Don’t miss it!


By my title, I mean to say that "dumb" found me. Client’s Stupid Clerk: I’ve been trying to send emails to you.  It keeps bouncing back.  This happens everytime!  Can you please clear your mailbox? Me: Er, my mail’s pretty ok.  Perhaps it’s the size of the email you’re sending?  I think there are a […]

F1 Accident

This isn’t a new joke… but… I thought it’s a good time to see it again… hahahaha… Hehehehehe.

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