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Gu Ji Gu Ji

Thought this Stefanie Sun MTV was really cute.  I like the part in the middle when she’s singing in space… the way she camera makes it look as though she’s tilting left and right looks really cute.  🙂  

Testing Limits

The new gal taking over Banker joined my department this week.  In my attempt to be friendly, i arranged for WC, Ratz and myself to have lunch with her yesterday.  We started discussing our plans for tonight during lunch and i asked the new gal (NG for short) if she was a drinker.  Her immediate, rather boastful reply […]

What I Miss…

What I’m missing… is all the action tonight.  🙁  No Eon Canteen, no yummy dinner at Peach Garden, no Balcony/Zouk even!  All because I’m sick.  Very sick.  🙁 Felt extremely thirsty after my tennis lesson last night.  Came home, drank water, and switched on the TV to watch the Miss Universe 2007 (which btw, the theme […]

The Mobile Generation

Just met up with the havokers for supper again.  Seems almost like a regular thing nowadays.  Haha.  But it’s really just trying to catch one another on weekends when (almost) everyone’s in Singapore.  Shavoker (that’s Shanghai Havoker renamed) managed to spend the weekend in Singapore before he goes back to Shanghai tomorrow.  (He was in […]

Hi folks! Am in Manila this week on a work trip. Big boss wants to introduce me to the key personnel in various client offices so that i can grow the terrorism insurance portfolio in Philippines. Funny thing is that my big boss refers to me as his “terrorist engineer” or “terrorism engineer”. Fancy name […]

War in Forbidden City?

hello dear friends and fans, i was greatly alarmed last Monday when i suddenly heard pounding sounds coming from around my backyard.  i remember the horror stories that my mommy told me before… of how owners left pitiful bunnies to die when war broke out.  i remember my mommy saying then that we should always […]

Which Disney Character Are You?

Bo liao on a Sunday evening…     You scored as Sleeping Beauty. Your alter ego is Princess Aurora, a.k.a. Sleeping Beauty! You are beautiful and enchanting, and as sweet as ever. Sleeping Beauty 63% Cruella De Ville 56% Goofy 50% Peter Pan 50% Ariel 44% Donald Duck 44% The Beast 44% Snow White 44% […]


2:26am.  Was in the toilet washing up when my phone rang.  I ran out to see who it was… i mean, it should be an important call if it came at 2:26am?  A friend in need of help perhaps?  “03 calling” was flashing on the screen of my hp.  Sheesh.  I gave him my hp […]


Went for the Grasshopper Forever (Cao Meng) concert just now.  They were sooooo good.  I like quite a few of their songs though i don’t really know the words ‘cos i listened to them during a time when my Chinese was really really bad… when i couldn’t even read the words to memorise them… and […]

Happy Birthday to Me!!

Yay!  It’s my birthday once again!  Sigh.  How fast time flies… this blog’s 2 years old now.  Went to watch Phantom of the Opera just now.  Excellent show… though i did doze off at a particular scene… but that’s really ‘cos i’m super tired.  The sets were fantastic and the staging was superb.  Although the […]

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