The Mobile Generation

Just met up with the havokers for supper again.  Seems almost like a regular thing nowadays.  Haha.  But it’s really just trying to catch one another on weekends when (almost) everyone’s in Singapore.  Shavoker (that’s Shanghai Havoker renamed) managed to spend the weekend in Singapore before he goes back to Shanghai tomorrow.  (He was in Indonesia the past week). 

Two other chaps just returned from a holiday in Shanghai tonight.  (Came for supper straight from the airport!  Luggage in tow!).  They actually bunked in at Shavoker’s apartment though he wasn’t there.  Haha.

JesterTM also just got back from France a couple of days ago, and of course i myself just got back from Manila last night.

It amazes me how mobile we are nowadays, travelling, whether for work or leisure.  Makes me appreciate technology all the more ‘cos even when we’re in different countries with different timezones, friendships can still be maintained, or even deepened via chat programmes like MSN.  Even while in Manila, i kept in touch with Iceman and Azure constantly via sms. 

I’m thinking of going to Hong Kong end July… and perhaps extend my holiday to visit Shavoker in Shanghai the week after.  It is good to travel, especially when you’re single with no family commitments to worry about.

Wonder why the book Lonely Planet is named thus.  This planet… really isn’t that lonely!

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