Hi folks!

Am in Manila this week on a work trip. Big boss wants to introduce me to the key personnel in various client offices so that i can grow the terrorism insurance portfolio in Philippines. Funny thing is that my big boss refers to me as his “terrorist engineer” or “terrorism engineer”. Fancy name for saying that i’m a terrorism insurance broker. I told my big boss, if he says that when we’re in Changi Airport, we’ll be in jail in a minute.

I’m putting up at Shangri La Makati. Excellent hotel. The room is terribly spacious – i got lost in my hotel room on the 1st nite. It’s like everytime i turn a corner, i find a new cubby hole or a new something that i never noticed before. Heh. Broadband’s expensive though… at about SGD21/day?

Took photos of my room which i will post once i’m back in Singapore. Been busy busy busy. Lots of meetings, then dinner with big boss and clients/ underwriters, then drinks, and it’s close to midnight by the time i get back to my hotel room.

Big meeting tomorrow morning. Need to go over the client’s file AND check my office email before i sleep so i need to end this post soon. My boss called when i was having drinks with my big boss and this underwriter. After we hung up, my boss called my big boss. I concluded that my boss must be lonely in office w/o my big boss and me around. Hahahaha.

My 1 and only complaint before i came was that IT gave me such a crappy notebook. It weighs a ton (approx. 3.5kg), has batteries that do not work, and the function keys are dead and so i can’t adjust the screen brightness/contrast at all!! Sigh.

Oh well, that’s all from me folks. Will be back on Saturday evening. Ciao!!

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