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Received a letter from Singtel today.  In conjunction with the full number portability that telcos are rolling out in June (instead of the simple call forwarding that telcos do now when subscribers change from 1 telco to another), I must now decide if I want to retain my Singtel no. as my hp no… or […]

Human Char Siew

Went for the first ever Formula Drift race in Singapore on Sunday.  Didn’t put much thought to it so I didn’t bring any sun block with me.  I applied sun block on my face as I normally do… but didn’t bring any for my arms & legs… and I got really burnt!  My shoulders are […]

Australia – Part 3

Since this was my first trip to Australia, and given that I probably won’t be going back there for some time, I figured it would be good to check out more places.  So before meeting Iceman in Adelaide, I went to Hobart (Tasmania) with my mom, aunts and cousin. We were warned by everyone that […]

When the Going Gets Tough

This week has been a stark contrast to the idyllic holiday I was enjoying just 3 weeks ago.  The first signs of it being a tough week appeared on Monday.  A flood of enquiries suddenly came in – new potential deals, dormant deals that got revived, price benchmarking checks by some bankers, etc.  Things got […]

The Unviewable

A friend mentioned on her blog recently that it’s good to be "unsearchable" on the Internet.  Even more important than that, I think critical that people remain "unviewable" on Facebook. I found some ghastly photos of some ladies in my finance dept on Facebook… trust me when I say there were worse photos than these.  […]

Sent my mom to collect a Coach bag she bought from the owner of the site and a Kate Spade bag caught her eye.  I told her the bag was unusual and striking so it was quite worth the SGD 390 price tag.  My mom was a little hesitant ‘cos she was going to […]

Australia – Part 2

Ballarat / Sovereign Hill My 6th aunt, who migrated to Australia 30 years ago, brought us to visit Ballarat, a old gold-mining town when we were there.  We also went to Sovereign Hill, an old gold mine, to er… mine for gold? At Sovereign Hill, you can pay A$6 for a pan and a chance […]

David Tao Concert 2008

Went for David Tao’s concert earlier this evening.  It was 3 hours of solid singing.  I love his voice!  Such a talented musician, songwriter and singer.  Wanted to take more photos… alas I forgot to charge my hp last night and my hp died after a couple of photos and videos.  🙁 I was very […]

Inefficiency is not all bad…

Thank goodness for inefficient Philippine postal system else I would be hot soup now! Last year, during the inception of a policy I placed on behalf of my Phlippine office, the values of the properties came up to Php 49 billion. In Mar this year, my Philippine office sent a spreadsheet advising an increase in […]

Well, decided not to post the notes I wrote about Australia here.  Frankly, Australia didn’t leave that deep an impression on me.  I enjoyed myself thoroughly, as anyone would have while on holiday.  But while Australia is an above average country on many fronts, it didn’t have a fascinating enough history to enchant me, nor […]

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