Sent my mom to collect a Coach bag she bought from the owner of the site and a Kate Spade bag caught her eye.  I told her the bag was unusual and striking so it was quite worth the SGD 390 price tag.  My mom was a little hesitant ‘cos she was going to pay SGD 422 for the Coach bag already but she really liked the Kate Spade bag.

After checking out the Kate Spade bag from all angles – back, front, inside, outside, bottom, top, etc, my mom suddenly turned to me and said, "Will you use this bag?"

"Er…", I paused.  "I might use it sometimes I guess."

Not that the bag wasn’t nice… just that that bag would only match a plain black outfit or a black+red outfit and I’m usually very lazy to change my handbags just to match 1 outfit.

My mom then said, "If you’ll use it, why don’t I buy this bag for your birthday?"

I saw through her evil plot right away!

"Wah lau!  You buy for my birthday then you use is it?", was my quick retort.

"I buy for you, then I borrow it to use lah", replied my mom.

"Wah lau!  You’re trying to cheat me of my birthday present!  Don’t think I don’t know!", I exclaimed.

This left the seller in peals of laughter.

Anyway, my mom bought the bag and no, it’s not my birthday present.


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April 2008