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Protected: Bugs

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Protected: JB after 2 Years!

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Moving out of Comfort Zone

Pretty much an open secret now… Will the numbers challenge be harder or the person challenge be harder? I think the former. So hard to change something that your brain isn’t born to do. Waiting for announcement…


저는 미극어서 새 신발을 샀어요! 온라인 쇼핑을 너무 좋아해요! I bought new shoes from the US! Online shopping FTW! Ezship makes it cheap to ship stuff back.

Twenty-five Twenty-one

Nothing special happened today. Went to the office, had a mid-day wine with Saja Hunter and her retired boss (maybe this is something outside of ordinary), then went to the dermatologist and then dinner with Iceman. I did keep replaying the scenes from episode 16 of Twenty-five Twenty-one in my head though. I feel so […]

25 21

I’ve always admired people who are able to keep a diary consistently. I always fail at maintaining the discipline and I don’t like having too much paper around. Anyway, do watch the K Drama, Twenty-Five Twenty-One, if you haven’t. The storytelling is so good it’ll make you laugh and cry. The ending is also so […]

2022년 3월 13일

이번주 매일 도 너무 피곤해요.

Health Risk Notice

월요일 밤에 Health Risk Notice 문자를 받았어요. 그래서 이번주에 사무실에 안 가요. 재택근무했어요. 세상에!

2022년 3월 9일

나는 오늘 아침에 재택근무했어요. 점심 후에 고객 하고 커피를 마셨어요. 저녁에 집을 청소를 했어요. 전녁로 한식을 먹었어요. 그리고 넷플릭스를 봤어요. 지금 세시예요. 그래서 잠을 자요.

2022년 2월 13일

이번 주 회사에 두번 가고 있어요. 내일 보험업자하고 점심을 먹고 있어요. 지금 두시 쯤이에요. 그래서 자고 싶어요.

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