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Goodbye 2013!

What an eventful end to 2013. Found out earlier that my 8th uncle fractured his foot last night & is warded in Mt Elizabeth. This is in addition to an aunt who suffered a stoke 3 weeks ago, a cousin who just recovered from dengue fever & same cousin’s dad who was suspected of having […]


Looks like it’s going to be a busy last 2 days of 2013. Expecting to close a policy on Mon & another on Tue. The Tue deal unfortunately hasn’t gone as well as planned – may have to execute a “Plan B” & I was wondering why almost all my deals always run into problems. […]

Christmas 2013

My extended family always comes together a for Christmas gathering (usually lunch) though majority of the family are not believers. I can’t remember when it started but this has been the tradition for the last 10-11 years. I’ve never given our Christmas get-togethers much thought till this year when my 8th aunt suffered a stroke […]


Way way way too much work has fallen on my plate. I know we’re extremely short-handed but the accounts distribution really isn’t very even. Too annoyed to really care anymore. Am just waiting for a complaint to come in from a client – any client – about tardy response time & poor service. Maybe then […]

Battery Life

Unplugged my Galaxy Note 3 from the charger at about 8am this morning. As with any new phone, I subjected it to quite heavy usage throughout today. I played Pet Saga, checked multiple social media platforms, used  Gtalk (or more commonly known as Hangouts now), Whatsapp-ed, FB messenger, took a few calls & so on […]

Samsung Galaxy Note 3!

Hello from the Galaxy Note 3! Was hooked after watching videos of the S-Pen in action. Went to SingTel today & found out that one of my mobile lines was eligible for an upgrade so I decided to “take the plunge” after playing with the phone for about 15mins at the shop. I really need […]


Been a dramatic week. A single aunt who lives alone suffered a stroke while alone at home and how she was found was nothing short of a miracle. Story really starts last week when she told my cousin, B, that she wanted to buy a smartphone so that she can monitor her shares. She used […]

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