Been a dramatic week. A single aunt who lives alone suffered a stroke while alone at home and how she was found was nothing short of a miracle. Story really starts last week when she told my cousin, B, that she wanted to buy a smartphone so that she can monitor her shares. She used to check teletext till it closed down.

After B came back from a cruise with his family on Sun night, he called this aunt on Mon afternoon to see if she wanted to go buy a hp. He didn’t manage to reach her on her house line nor her mobile but didn’t think much about it. He called a few more times during the day but didn’t get worried till she still was not contactable about 11pm that night. B then whatsapp-ed some of my cousins and me and none of us had spoken to that aunt that day. B thus decided to go to our aunt’s flat with his brother and dad to check on our aunt.

When they reached her flat, they heard the TV sound but the lights weren’t on. Realising something was amissed, they called emergency services and SCDF and an ambulance soon arrived. It took SCDF more than 30 minutes to saw the padlock, pry open the locks of the metal grille and wooden door and kick open the door (it was dead bolted and they couldn’t reach the bolt on the inside). My aunt was found lying on the floor, conscious but unable to speak nor move. Her lunch and coffee was still on the table so our guess is that she suffered the stroke during early afternoon.

My aunt is still warded at CGH but she can now take a few steps assisted. Still can’t talk and has to be tube fed but the progress has been good so far. When i think about the whole chain of events that happened, i see God’s hand in it. I’m thankful for the miracle.

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December 2013