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Right Guy for the Job

After doing a second interview for 2 candidates today, Bigmac and i decided we really want one of them. We’re going to offer him a position on Mon and i really hope he takes it up because he’s intelligent and i believe his personality will help him get along with the rest of the team. […]


Had dinner with LKK and Beanstalk today. I enjoyed it. It was nice hearing LKK share about how Kid’s Meal and him fell out, then sort of reached a truce. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not gloating over the friction they experienced. I’m juz glad that i learnt more about my colleagues today, and that […]

Ramen Culture

Heard from a colleague that Ramen Culture at Icon Village opened today so we decided to pop by for lunch.  Between the 3 of us we had the seafood yakisoba, black pig ramen and chilli miso ramen.  Black Pig Ramen I really enjoyed my black pig ramen – the soup was tasty and even though […]

Cycle of Un/Forgiveness

Every Sun before taking the Lord’s Supper, we’re reminded to not hold any grudges against anyone and to forgive anyone who sins against us. I’m personally reminded that if God can forgive me for all my sins, then who am i not to forgive a fellow human being. But everytime i go back to work, […]

Watch Your Step

I’ve thought about it. I’ve tolerated Xiao Wang long enough cos I didn’t want to 撕破脸 and make it hard to cooperate on deals in future. But enough is enough. If he dares insult my wording or bad mouth my bosses 1 more time, I’m raising a complaint all the way to the top. He […]

Protected: The Story of the Dead Goldfish

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

“Ringtail” Therapy

I’ve been working pretty long hours recently and that leaves me with every little time (if any) to go shopping after work.  I thus decided that online retail therapy is a little indulgence that I should allow myself. Saw these 2 rings from  I know they may seem a little kiddy but I quite […]


My dad finally went for a comprehensive medical check-up last Friday. The initial results indicate high blood pressure (170/85) and a borderline blocked artery. The clinician at CGH was good – informed a doctor who came to see my dad straightaway. The doc prescribed some meds for the hypertension while pending for the full results […]

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