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Oops, My Bad but Who Cares?

Was in the garden playing with Horlicks just now when i heard the vrooooooom again.  Told my parents about how the stupid car has been circling our place the past 2 nites.  My parents said they weren’t aware!  Gosh!  They must be hard of hearing. About 5min later, the car went past my house.  It was […]

Sheridan Heaven

Brushed my teeth and was going to bed when the craving for Sheridan’s Coffee Liqueur struck.  Went to the kitchen to get a litttle bit of it.  Finally mastered the art of pouring more coffee than milk in the cup.  Previously, i think i poured like 1/2 milk, 1/2 coffee… which doesn’t make sense since […]

Ah Beng Car

Good grief.  I wonder who in my neighbourhood bought this super ah beng car.  Not sure what make/model it is… but i can hear the car a few blocks away.  No kidding.  Last night, i heard the vroom vroom of the car a mile away… and the noise persisted long enough for me to switch of my […]

Assholes of the Closet Unite

Call me sensitive or petty if u wish but i just removed myself from a lunch group thingy in Facebook.  I mean… the description says CBD lunch group right?  And today, i saw a post from the founder gathering the NUS hall people in the lunch group for lunch on Thurs?  WTF?  If u intend […]

Mind of their Own

Sometimes i wonder how my bunnies view us.  On Saturday, my dad was giving the floor of the backyard a wash ‘cos of the stupid bird droppings, and my mom was tottering about doing the washing.  The skies were dark, pouring with rain.  Pinky lay half under a green stool, and eyed my dad sleepily.  He looked as […]

Opening Ceremony

Finally opened the bottle of Sheridan’s Coffee Liqueur that Sharky bought for me.  Heh.  My mom said it was too sweet… and that she couldn’t taste the alcohol.  Amazing ‘cos i sure could taste the alcohol (15.5%) before i added ice! My dad said it tasted like Kahlua!  What a horrendous blasphemy to my precious […]


Wow!  Firefox rocks!  My laptop hanged while i was surfing Facebook and after i hard reset, obviously all my data was gone right?  Well, the sites i had opened in IE were gone… but when i opened Firefox, it asked whether i wanted to “Restore Session” ‘cos it detected that my Firefox was “closed unexpectedly”!  […]

Been wanting to partition my hdd for some time now… thought of splitting the 120G (actually it’s just 111G) of hdd space into 2 partitions… c:\ to hold all my programs, and an e:\ for “data”… like MP3s, movies, photos, etc. Wanted to get Partition Magic to do the job.  But i got hold of […]

Food Reviews

My latest hobby… writing food reviews… though i don’t think it’ll last very long.  It’s kind of tiring and not spicy nor saucy at all.  Yes, pun intended.  Anyway, if u have that teeny weeny bit of confidence in my taste in food, u can check out my (so far 2) reviews at  Just […]

"Tele-Marketer Guard"

              This is soooo cute!  Hahahahahaha                 Hehe… should print 1 for Pinky.                     I like the way Bun-Bun’s lying with his paws under his head.  Hehe.

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