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Moving Seats

The only colleague outside my department that i chat with regularly is moving to another office. How sad. That said, i’ll be moving seats too. My new seat will be in between my new & ex-boss. Should have more privacy than my current seat though. My current desk is in full view of my boss […]

When God Calls

I’ve come to realise that when God calls someone to Him, nothing can really stop that person from knowing & believing God.  I have sensed, felt & observed it happen before and I can see it’s going to happen again.

Greedy Pinky

Heard from my mom that Pinky slept in the guest room for 2 hours today… till my dad brought his lunch up to the 2nd floor to eat.  Pinky then ran out of the guest room, jumped onto the dining table chair & then onto the table… but too bad.  Human food is not for […]

Sooo Tired

I’m hooked on the TVB series, On Call 36 Hours (official English title is The Hippocratic Crush).  Wanted to finishg watching ep 19 of 25 tonight but i’m sooo tired after an insurer’s launch cocktail party & a dinner with new clients.  Talk about a night of entertaining.  *Yawn*. I really love the main stars […]

Prayer is not a Last Resort

Recently, I caught myself thinking, “oh dear.  There’s nothing I can do except to pray”.  Then I realised that’s wrong.  The first & most important thing I can do is pray.  Taking action should only come after that.

Saw 1 in person tonight!

City boys’ shame after rugby email goes viral For four young City high-fliers, the adage "what goes on tour, stays on tour" has unravelled after a private email with their "tour rules" went viral. George Boulton-Lee, James Hill, Daniel England and Rory Jones By Donna Bowater and Anna White 6:00AM GMT 09 Feb 2012 In […]

Marsh woes continue as London executive is dismissed By Andrew Cave 12:01AM GMT 04 Nov 2004 Marsh, the American insurance broking giant, has dismissed an executive in its London operations, it confirmed yesterday. Julian Taylor, a senior vice-president of Marsh’s terrorism insurance unit, was suspended while Marsh examined allegations that he charged a client "slip […]

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