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hurdle 1: who goes first

for those who do not know, Iceman’s Malaysian so we decided that to be fair to relatives on both sides, we’re going to have 2 wedding dinners.  unfortunately, things sort of hit a snag ‘cos Iceman’s dad, being a very traditional person, feels that the dinner in JB ought to be the main dinner (in […]

Tip for Losing Weight

Forgot to mention that food poisoning is a fantastic way to lose weight.  My weight dropped to 43.4kg at the lowest.  It’s now back up to 45.4kg but my body fat % dropped to 16.5%!  Gasp!  Lowest it’s been in the past year man!  (Usually hovers around 18-20%).  Maybe it’s the diet of fish porridge […]

Pent-Up Angst

Guess what?  The person who threw my shoes and my slippers on my bed was my dad!!  He was mopping the floor ‘cos the contractors left a mess and he got fed up and threw the footwear onto my bed!  Imagine!  This coming from a person who insists we wash our feet once we get […]

My Ring

This is my ring.  :)  I’m very pleased with it of course since it’s made to my specifications.  Heh.  However, I didn’t quite get to see the end design before it was made… and am now toying with the idea of whether I should change it from a 4-claw solitaire setting to a 6-claw setting […]

After many many years of complaining, I came home today and found out the good news.  My dad finally decided to install a bigger aircon unit in my bedroom ‘cos the fan of the old unit wasn’t strong enough to move the cool air throughout my entire room.  That was the good news. The bad […]

Wet or Dry?

Manila is one polluted place.  I didn’t clean my ears the entire time I was there last week and since I was practically bed/sofa/chair-ridden over the weekend, I didn’t get down to cleaning my ears last night.  It was amazing… the amount of ear wax built up in the ears!  Anyway, that reminded me of […]

Earning $$ from Blogging

Was reading Digital Life during lunch today when I came across the article about earning $$ from your blog.  The usual suspects came up – adverlets, nuffnang, adsense.  Decided to put the adverlets banner back on my blog.  Took it down in Jan and never bothered to put it back up ‘cos I thought it […]

Ha!  Caught your attention didn’t I?  Not that it’s entirely untrue… I am drugged – the medication sort.  The celebration for the last birthday of my 20s started last Thursday in office with the gals (Booze Queen, Bubbs, XLS, and Jess) planning a surprise celebration for me.  They got this yummy chocolate rum cake from […]


Iceman proposed. I said, "yes". Now for the tough part…

I’m proud to say that despite my short trip this time (arrived on Mon night, leaving now – Wed late afternoon), I managed to accomplish all the personal stuff that I wanted to do! Woke up a little later on Tue morn – 9:30am since the morning meeting was postponed.  Once Upsize confirmed that we […]

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