After many many years of complaining, I came home today and found out the good news.  My dad finally decided to install a bigger aircon unit in my bedroom ‘cos the fan of the old unit wasn’t strong enough to move the cool air throughout my entire room.  That was the good news.

The bad part about installing a new aircon midweek is that my entire room is covered with white dust and the part-time cleaner won’t be here till Sun!  I used up 2 full packs of wet tissue wiping every bottle on my dressing table, my bedsheet, pillows, bolsters, bedside table, keyboard, mouse, mousepad, the list goes on… It was really annoying but to be fair, mainly unavoidable.

Now the plain farking stupid part.  (This was what really pissed me off the moment I stepped into my room).  The bloody contractors threw my 2 pairs of bedroom slippers and high heeled work shoes (with its porous shoe bag on) onto my bed, never mind that they were NOT any where near where the aircon was being installed!  WHAT THE HECK DID THEY DO THAT FOR?  I have a couch, a coffee table, ample floor space for them to move the shoes about, assuming they really were in their way.  Moreover, my shoes were placed near my bedroom door, and the aircon was installed at the opposite end of the room, above the windows!  WHAT THE HECK MAN!

And while removing my shoes from my bed, and using wet tissue to wipe my entire bed, I also found numerous bits of broken plastic all over my bed – inside the rolled up comforter, near my pillow, etc.  What on earth did those morons treat my bed as?  A trash dump?  Did they not see the wastepaper basket that they threw their rootbeer in?  (Which is another thing that I detest – wet food thrown in my bin – but I can’t penalise them for this since it’s a personal preference).

I am pissed.  I am fuming mad.  As I wiped and wiped the dust off whatever I could for the night, I could only draw 1 conclusion.  This is the reason why such morons will never rise above being a contractor.  He will never be a foreman or supervisor because he 1) does not have initiative (hey, I know contractors have plastic sheets ok.  But obviously this particular chap did not use any protective plastic sheet) and 2) does not have any brains (shoes on bed?  Hello?  I can’t think of any reason except that the contractor was stupid).

Grrr… I am pissed.

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