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Deli Turk

Iceman and I went to Deli Turk at Suntec (next to Kuishin Bo) for dinner last night.  The food was great!  Service was excellent too.  Here’re the pics of what we had.   Chick Pea salad for starters.  The chick peas came with olive oil dressing and seasoned with dill, parsley and spring onions.  Very […]

I Need a Car

I’ve been thinking about this for a few months now. I really need to get a car of my own. After driving for 6 years, not having round the clock access to a car makes me feel handicapped. I feel as though my mobility is impaired and it’s a terrible feeling! I initially thought that […]

Much Ado over 50k

I’m sure most of you would’ve read about the “measly” 50k that the Singapore government donated to the Haiti relief efforts.  After reading my friend’s blog about it, I felt moved to write down my thoughts.  Please see my friend’s blog post here: This is my response: I agree with the government’s position on […]

Nokia Point & Find

Nokia really drives me nuts sometimes.  Iceman and I saw this programme last night which showed that Google was trying out this new software that will allow Android users to use the handphone camera to snap a picture of an object that the user wants more information on, and the software will do the rest. […]

(URL: By Andrew R Hickey, ChannelWeb 4:33 PM EST Thu. Jan. 21, 2010 Nokia on Thursday unveiled the latest version of its Ovi Maps application, which introduces free turn-by-turn voice navigation and directions for driving and walking to Nokia smartphones. Many see Nokia’s new Ovi Maps release as the Finnish mobility giant’s slap at […]


Monday morning 10:08am.  Everyone around me is trying to work – some on the phone brokering deals, most clearing e-mails that came in over the weekend, Shaker and Atas are having a discussion about their regional policy and I’m trying to prepare for a conference call at 11:30am.  I am distracted, however, thanks to Bubbs’ […]

Of Kids and Pets

Met up with some secondary school classmates for dinner on Fri night. The group included 3 moms and 1 pregnant lady. As usual, a lot of the conversation hovered around their babies and i was so bored! I was pretty worried at one stage cos i was seated next to a mom whose daughter wouldn’t […]

Better Safe Than Sorry

My dad, who’s an extremely risk averse person, used to warn against sitting directly below fans.  I used to do that too… but stopping being so careful as “nothing ever happened”.  Well, this article shows that… my dad isn’t that paranoid after all. ============== FAN FALLS ON COUPLE Wife recalls fan falling on her and […]

Microsoft & Apple vs. Google

Very interesting article. ============================== Google Is Now Apple’s Greatest Enemy: Here’s Why Let’s take a trip back in time. The year is 1994, and two tech giants are going to war over copyright. They are Microsoft and Apple, and they are fighting over a copyright claim by Apple over Microsoft and HP’s use of graphical […]

Protected: Impromptu Birthday Celebration

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