I Need a Car

I’ve been thinking about this for a few months now. I really need to get a car of my own. After driving for 6 years, not having round the clock access to a car makes me feel handicapped. I feel as though my mobility is impaired and it’s a terrible feeling!

I initially thought that using taxis to regain my mobility might be cheaper than buying another car. Based on my rough estimation, however, if I wanted to take taxi to and from work daily, and when I go out on weekends, this may come up to $1.5k per month because of all the peak hour surcharge and additional fees to book a taxi (bearing in mind that queuing for a taxi is contrary to regaining mobility).

If I buy a car whose monthly instalment is abt $500 + insurance + road tax + petrol and parking of $400, it would come up to about $1.2k – still cheaper!

So I’ve decided. My priority for this year is to get a car. I shall start looking in this Sat’s papers!

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  1. 1 BQ

    ur nissan leh???

  2. 2 UptownGal

    Iceman drives the Latio most of the time mah. If we have different things to do on weekends, so difficult to co-ordinate the use of a car. If I get a car, I may consider driving to work again. At least parking at Tg Pagar is much more affordable compared to RP – and I will stop complaining about having to lug my laptop on super crowded trains. Heh.

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