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Better Safe Than Sorry

My dad, who’s an extremely risk averse person, used to warn against sitting directly below fans.  I used to do that too… but stopping being so careful as “nothing ever happened”.  Well, this article shows that… my dad isn’t that paranoid after all. ============== FAN FALLS ON COUPLE Wife recalls fan falling on her and […]

Dying of Cancer Clear-Headed?

Mobile phone use may stave off, reverse Alzheimer’s: study 07 January 2010 0823 hrs (SST) WASHINGTON : Long suspected of causing brain tumours, mobile phones are now being eyed as key allies in the fight against Alzheimer’s disease, US researchers said Wednesday in a study. Researchers at the University of South Florida (USF) found, […]

Wow… my life expectancy increases by at least 5.5secs every day ‘cos my bedroom’s on the 3rd floor of my house.  Hahahahaha.  Oh and it goes up to 11secs for days I go to work ‘cos I climb up 2 flights of stairs to get to the train platform I suppose climbing stairs does help […]

Shower Heads & Bacteria

I came across this Channel News Asia article that talked about how shower heads spread bacteria.  I did a bit more research online and found this other noteworthy article: The Daily Telegraph today reported that a “daily shower could be hazardous”. It says that US researchers have found that showerheads are “breeding grounds for bacteria […]

Will it be Nico & Nico next year?

Reproduced from CNA site: SINGAPORE: The 2009 Formula 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix will be Williams’ driver Kazuki Nakajima’s biggest test to date, as the 24-year-old battles to keep his place alongside team-mate Nico Rosberg. The Japanese driver has yet to score any points in 13 races this season, and talk in the paddock is […]

For Once, “Ter Kah” wins…

Based on this… I’m sooo going to die…. ================ Thinner thighs, weaker heart PARIS : Women and men with PARIS : Women and men with thighs under 60 centimetres (23.5 inches) in circumference face a far higher risk of premature death and heart disease, according to a study released Friday. The surprising find could provide […]

This is the first National Day that I wasn’t in Singapore.  The National Day song for this year didn’t really catch my attention but this article in the Straits Times did.  It spoke to me because I am proud of how much Singapore has achieved it the 44 short years that we’ve been an independent […]

Thinking Thin vs Being Thin

I love the 2nd paragraph of the article below… such a polite way of saying that the women in Britain, Spain and Portugal are delusional.. hahahaha. ================================= Health @ AsiaOne French women, thinnest in Europe, think they’re fat France has by far the highest proportion of clinically underweight women in Europe, but only half of […]

AFP – Saturday, May 9 LONDON (AFP) – – British retailer Marks & Spencer admitted Friday it had "boobed" in a row over larger-size bras, agreeing to cut prices for DD-plus cup versions to bring them in line with smaller models. ADVERTISEMENT The climbdown, which came after more than 13,000 people signed an online protest, […]

The Straits Times May 4, 2009 H1N1 FLU OUTBREAK Flu scare for NTU student Undergrad returning from Mexico was admitted to CDC with running nose but tests show he’s clear By Teh Joo Lin , Carolyn Quek , Lee Hui Chieh AN UNDERGRADUATE who returned to Singapore last Friday from an exchange programme in Mexico […]

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