Wow… my life expectancy increases by at least 5.5secs every day ‘cos my bedroom’s on the 3rd floor of my house.  Hahahahaha.  Oh and it goes up to 11secs for days I go to work ‘cos I climb up 2 flights of stairs to get to the train platform

I suppose climbing stairs does help in staying fit – I have a grandaunt in Guangzhou who climbs 9 floors to her apartment everyday and she’s really fit for someone in her late 80s!  I think many Singaporeans would rather die than climb 9 floors to their HDB flat… and some would probably die trying…


SINGAPORE: Stair climbing can be a great form of exercise for those looking to lose weight.

But doctors at Tan Tock Seng Hospital have found out it has another benefit. They say climbing two flights of stairs can lengthen life expectancy by 5.5 seconds.

Doctors also estimate that one can lose 2.7 kilogrammes a year by just running two flights of stairs daily.

Stair-climbing burns up to 1,000 calories every hour, or five times more energy compared to strolling, two times compared to swimming, and 1.8 times more than jogging.

This vertical exercise can also strengthen physique, improve the heart and lung functions as well as enhance blood circulation.

It helps develop stronger leg muscles, which also reduces the chance of osteoporosis.
"You get a better fitness all over because you train your whole body and not just your legs, because you have to use the handrail. And that helps in all the ways of life," said Thomas Dold, champion of Vertical Marathon.

– CNA/yb


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