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What I Dislike About the Nokia N8

Having used the N8 for close to 2 months now, there’re 2 things that annoy me. First, why are users in Singapore restricted to English, Malay & Chinese?  What can’t I install a myriad of languages like in the iOS?  I’m told I need to go to Nokia Care Centre to get them to install […]

Had a Christmas lunch with Booze Queen and Azure just now.  We went to PS Cafe at Ann Siang Hill Park.  Really fantastic place.  I’m super full now!  Heh.   Here’s a pic of my iced mocha in Sepia tones.  Nice retro looking pic.  😀     I had the caesar salad with blackened salmon.  […]

è®°å¾— (Remember)

FM93.3 has been playing JJ Lin’s è®°å¾— quite regularly recently. I remember the first time I heard this song was during this songwriter forum at 爱琴海. JJ Lin was still an unknown singer then and was about to relocate to to taiwan to start his singing career. The melody of the song was written by […]

Nokia Battery Monitor

Downloaded the Nokia Battery app yesterday. Pretty cool. Here are some screenshots. 🙂 Not sure what practical use it’ll have but it entertains me for now. Haha. Posted from my Nokia N8

Live & Die

Not sure if anyone has noticed but while I’m pretty full of praises for the N8, I’ve never actually told anyone to “go get it” and this includes my husband!  The reason for this is because I think getting a handphone that you are satisfied with boils down to personal preference; so while I can […]

Evidence Please

I made a comment on Twitter earlier that I’m glad Nokia is putting a concerted effort into marketing the Nokia N8 because it’s a great phone and I hope it will help Nokia recapture market share.  A friend of mine replied saying that I’m the only one who has kind comments on it and one […]

Pics of my Bunnies – from the N8

People often say it’s difficult to take photos of pets and recently, I have to agree!  Horlicks and Pinky have been so hyper lately it’s hard to take photos of them.  They love to stick their noses in my camera lens so it’s damn difficult to get a clear shot of them.  Here’re some pics […]

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