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So I learnt another important lesson today. Though my stretch remained the same, because my fingers were more tense, I felt much heavier and sluggish at the anchor. #WCS

Swingsation 2016

I used to say I wouldn’t want to go for an Australian WCS event cos I would rather save my leave for events in the US. So it was really on a whim that I signed up quite last minute to go for Swingsation. The primary factor was that I really wanted to make it […]

• Basics as a follower: 1. Good posture. 2. Take a deep breath and breathe out. Think of 4 tracks – left arm, left leg, right arm, right leg.  3. Pitch – shoulders over front of heel, tits over toes. 4. The above constitutes our frame which should be maintained at all times. 5. Rope […]

Running Dance Notes

14 Feb 2015 1. Pull yourself in, not pull the lead towards you. The pull should be over the entire count of 1, not at the start only. 2. Do not tense forearm. Grip comes from shoulders. 3. Sugar push – compression is over 3 + and. Not just count 3. 4. For turns, be […]


Made a bet with Champion last night. The wager is 1 Kronenbourg Blanc. Champion thinks I will make it to squad 3 months after squad restarts. I think it’ll be longer. Lol. We’ll see!


My colleagues sometimes ask why do I always go for dance lessons. Last week my boss specifically asked why is there a need to dance every week if I’m not preparing for any competitions? I couldn’t verbalise it on the spot but having considered the question, I think my answer would be that dancing is […]

Gosh!  June has gone by in a flash.  Was probably one of the busiest month at work and the 2-week trip to the US meant I was extra busy before (to clear as much work as I could before I went on leave) and even busier after (as I sought to go through 1000 unread […]

Things to remember: 1. When anchoring: – Try to post at 4. – Take 5 and 5& to be anchored. – 6 should step down directly → don’t wait till 6 to anchor! 2. Underarm pass: – Step 3 → body should be parallel to slot, right foot turned slightly out. – Step 4 → […]


So I agreed to sign up for a choreography / performance class with Champion, on the basis that we would not eventually perform. Missed the first class cos I was in Korea but went for the second class last night. It was a struggle, which was to be expected, cos I didn’t review the videos […]

Dance Notes – Stretch

The most pressing thing I need to sort out is to always create stretch before moving forward on ‘1’. This is especially important when I’m dancing with much taller guys – need to manage my distance well. I need to NOT dance at my max arm length else there’s no more room / give to […]

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