Nokia X6 vs. iPhone 3GS



· TFT capacitive touchscreen – 16M colors

· 360 x 640 pixels – 3.2 inches

· Proximity sensor for auto turn-off

· Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate

· Handwriting recognition

· Scratch-resistant glass surface

Operating System

Symbian OS v9.4, Series 60 rel. 5


ARM 11 434 MHz


· Phonebook: Practically unlimited entries and fields – Photocall

· Call records: Detailed – max 30 days

· Internal: 32GB storage – 128 MB RAM


· 2G: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900

· 3G: HSDPA 900 / 2100


5 MP, 2592×1944 pixels, Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, Dual LED flash, video light




· Alert types: Vibration; Downloadable polyphonic – MP3 ringtones

· Speakerphone: Yes – with stereo speakers

· 3.5 mm audio jack


111 x 51 x 13.8 mm


122 g


· Standard battery – Li-Ion 1320 mAh (BL-5J)


· WMV/RV/MP4/3GP video player

· MP3/WMA/WAV/RA/AAC/M4A music player

· TV-out

· Voice command/dial

· Document viewer (Word / Excel / PowerPoint)

· T9

· Photo editor


Stereo FM radio with RDS


with A-GPS support; Ovi Maps 3.0


Class 32




Class 32


HSDPA, 3.6 Mbps


Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g, UPnP technology


v2.0 with A2DP


v2.0 microUSB



Apple-iPhone 3GS-3367_image-46


· TFT capacitive touchscreen – 16M colors

· 320 x 480 pixels – 3.5 inches

· Multi-touch input method

· Accelerometer sensor for auto-rotate

· Proximity sensor for auto turn-off

· Scratch-resistant surface

Operating System

iPhone OS (based on Mac OS)


ARM Cortex A8 600 MHz, PowerVR SGX graphics


· Phonebook: Practically unlimited entries and fields – Photocall

· Call records: 100 received – dialed and missed calls

· Internal: 16 GB / 32 GB storage and 256 MB RAM


· 2G: GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900

· 3G: HSDPA 850 / 1900 / 2100


3.15 MP, 2048×1536 pixels, autofocus


VGA@30fps, video geo-tagging


· Alert types: Vibration; Downloadable polyphonic / MP3 ringtones

· Speakerphone: Yes

· 3.5 mm headset jack


115.5 x 62.1 x 12.3 mm


135 g


· Standard battery – Li-Ion

· Stand-by: Up to 300 h

· Talk time: Up to 12 h (2G) / Up to 5 h (3G)

· Music play: Up to 30 h


· Digital compass

· Google Maps

· Audio/video player

· TV-out

· Voice command/dial


No (but can be downloaded)


A-GPS support








HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps


Wi-Fi 802.11b/g


v2.1 with A2DP, headset support only



I’m really torn between the 2 phones.  I’m tempted to get the iPhone ‘cos of certain applications like the TVU player and GV online.  The Nokia, however, has a better camera & allows customisable contact/ringtone profiles, not to mention T9 input and handwriting recognition.  I think I’d definitely prefer the X6… but when will it be out?  Boohoo!!

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  1. 1 Iuser

    Hey man,i bought an iphone 3gs and i am not at all satisfied with its features…well i havent used older iphones but 3gs is suposd to be the best…but i dont find anything i need its so limited…it has a fancy Ui thats all i find usefull,i find iphone stupid maybe coz i have used much much better phones before this iphone 3gs..or maybe coz im not an apple going to sell my 3gs next week and get a il tell u get x6 or n900

  2. 2 UptownGal

    I’m very like to go for the X6!!! The Rihanna launch promo is slated to happen in 11 hrs… I hope the X6 comes to Singapore soon after that!!

  3. 3 nick

    well iphone 3GS does NOT have 16 million colors. this is wrong!

  4. 4 UptownGal

    Hi Nick,

    The iphone site doesn’t indicate the no. of colours and other tech sites I read indicated 16M colours. Could you please advise what is the correct specs?

  5. 5 Tim Whatley

    One matter of great significance is that Nokia supports eAAC audio format which Apple doesn’t. This is not stated in the specs here. Correct it please.

    You get great sound quality at 56 kbps vs MP3 @ 192 kbps or AAC/M4A (basic) @ 128 kbps. It makes a huge difference in terms of music library capacity.


  6. 6 Nickwu

    well i have Iphone 3gs and Nokia X6 , Nokia X6 is better that iphone!

  7. 7 S.Pranavan

    Nokia X6 is better that iphone! More Features in nokia

  8. 8 ken j crowley

    After havving 2 iphones from vodafone for the trial period, was more than happy to change for x6, okay ite not as sort after,but give people some time and I would venture to say x6 is got alot more going for it, for most of us its price and nokia have the upperhand, preformance again x6 winds hands down, the only adavantage iphone have is more user friendly, maybe if I read the manaul then id not feel so lost, come on people for now the X6 wins hands down, i got a very good price plan that noway iphone could meet,infact the staff where I get my phones told me iphone leave no room for loyal costumores,, well the 4 g is around the block and providing its cheaper loaded with more fetures, I for one am really happy with X6, to be blunt i never expected it to be so comprehensive, so Apple its catchup time and thats a afact not apple s verision of the truth, no doubt apple will come back, they wil loose to much, so lets see what here 4g can deliver.

  9. 9 fandy

    mmm…so,who is the best? i think X6 is better than iphone 3gs

  10. 10 Kike

    NOKIA X6 !!!!!

  11. 11 Stephen

    Got an X6 last week, the last phone I had was a bashed and scratched G600 (Samsung) served me so well but time for change and a stylish change at that.

    Sister has the iPhone and was tempted to go for that but I must say that the X6 is by far the best phone I have used, looks amazing, digi cam quality camera, so many features, the widgets is maybe not in its entirety compared to the ap store for iphone but all the important ones are there. Firefox Iplayer facebook youtube sport news its all there.

    Music store is complicated at first but easy to use once familiarised.

    Phonebook/contacts system, themes and messaging etc. are all amazing and my mates show off their super phones but they are all jelous at the UI and functionality.

    Basically just get this phone. Its fucking amazing.

  12. 12 Phoenix

    Thanks for the information everyone, it helped. I decided to go for the iPhone after reading some reviews and comparisons, watching reviews on youtube (though X6 has better camera and perhaps some other stuff nice to have)

    iPhone has a better desing (nokia looks like a brick 🙂 no offense), faster processor (the speed difference is noticeable in applications), twice as much RAM. I’d say 3 MP camera is sufficient for a phone, in the end it will not supplement (even with 5 MP) a normal camera. Apple product is positioned as special and it is. Nokia is late, a follower in the market, which is a pity.

    Given the price difference, when it is important, I would take X6. Excluding the price I would take (and I willl 🙂 iPhone 3GS. In the end it is subjective anyway.

    Congrats to Apple again, lots of iPads have been sold.

  13. 13 UptownGal

    i suppose it really depends on the stuff u’re going to use the phone for. i agree that the iphone looks more stylish and the bigger screen is good for reading articles on the phone. speed wise, apps do open faster on the iphone (but it’s not overly slow on the X6… at least not slow enough to bother me).

    i use my hp to take a lot of photos.. of food, my rabbits, during pop concerts, etc and so i definitely need a 5MP camera (minimally) and the flash helps too.

    i also like to customise my hp a lot, e.g. have different profiles, various ringtones for different groups of pple (colleagues / friends / family) and i looooove the “privacy” profile i created on the X6, i.e., my hp only rings when certain groups of people call.

    another huge plus point of the X6 is the free for life Ovi maps navigation. the GPS logs on soooo fast it’s amazing. i can be indoors about half a metre away from the window, and the GPS logs on! the no. of maps available for different countries is also fantastic and the turn by turn voice navigation is great. this must be one of my favourite features of Nokia.

    the main drawback about the X6, however, is the memory management of the OS. i’ve upgraded mine to v.12, which accordingly to sites like Mashable, is better at handling multi-tasking but some of my apps still force close (e.g. if i’m running Gravity twitter app, listening to MP3s, have my Olivetree bible software open, and i try to surf the Net, chances are the browser will not launch till i close Olivetree). the great thing abt the iphone is that it’ll never have this problem – since it doesn’t multitask anyway. hahahahahahaha.

    i also noticed that the wifi connection for the iphone is better than the X6’s… but my friend who uses the iphone noted that quite often, after she disconnects from surfing via 3G, she is unable to reconnect till she switches off & on the iphone again.

    lastly, i don’t think Nokia can be considered a late entrant… it’s just not good at publicity and marketing. haha.

  14. 14 KLAKKY


  15. 15 sara

    Nokia X6 is the best.. well so much better than iphone 3gs !! absolutly

  16. 16 UptownGal

    I think the new iPhone 4 OS sounds promising tho the hardware of the 3GS still needs an overhaul. What do u guys think?

  17. 17 DG

    Iphone stil rules….symbian ui is sucky, lagging, ya can multitask, so what? I;ve used many nokia phones…last was N97, tried the X6, really slow man…N900?? thats a brick but full loads of feature i would say.

  18. 18 Helen

    Well I have put in an order for a Nokia X6 and I must admit when all my friends told me I should have gone for the Iphone I felt a bit gutted. Some people said the X6 is shit which sounds promising. Basically I didnt want to get the Iphone for two reasons….firstly I already have an Ipod touch which basically does everything an Iphone does except take pictures, make calls and go online anywhere. And secondly I didnt want an Iphone because everyone I know has one and I see them everywhere I go. It seems to have turned into a trend and I really want to be different. I love my gadgets so I still wanted to get something with the wow factor and the sales guy told me either the X6 or the HTC Desire. The HTC Desire only had 4 gb internal memory and looked bulky. So I have decided that the Nokia X6 is best for me cos I trust Nokia and it has never let me down in the past. I havent had an up to spec phone for a long time so this will be nice and its not one that everyone has got either. Heres hoping I made the right choice.

  19. 19 beth

    does x6 have data plan like iphone?

  20. 20 UptownGal

    not sure.. hvn’t chked the latest telco plans in a while… i’m using this 1GB for $9+ plan and it’s sufficient for me.

  21. 21 iPhone 3Gs

    The iPhone 3Gs is the best phone ever!!! The touchscreen is breathtaking!!! 100.000 Apps!!! Camera has autofocus – do you really think you will realize a difference between 3 and 5 mpx?! iPhone OS 4 coming soon!!! Forget Nokia X6 or any other mobile phone!!! By the way I wrote this on my iPhone – glad to have one!!!

  22. 22 UptownGal

    to the last comment – YES. I DEFINITELY can tell the diff in pic quality betw a photo taken with the iphone and with my X6.

  23. 23 SamLovesNokia

    Well, apple really need to rethink wen they make the camera for the iphone. 5mp is a big difference to 3mp. I also love nokia because they have a huge 2 year warranty and brilliant Customer Care team. The iphone 3gs 32gb sells at 799 euro in ireland.. Talk about expensive!! Apple are shit. Full stop.

  24. 24 Eycos

    So… The best cellphone is…
    N 901 By nokia!

  25. 25 me

    haha…iphone is a total joke..i cpu is a bit slower than iphones..but then again symbian s60 doesnt use so much ram and there is no point to put better on x6 is much better than iphones..and music quality is just amazing.ofcourse iphone now have multitasking…jeii..we are broud of apple now..(y)

  26. 26 Piyush gambani

    Hey guyzzz i’ve been using an iphone 4 the last 6 months and trust me it is awesome!!!!!!!! u r never gonna get the applications what u get in an iphone…… “EVEN IF U R READY TO PAY MILLIONS OF $S FOR IT” love ma iphone:)

  27. 27 uptowngal

    Yeah.. the iphone4’s great… i love how the death grip kills the reception, how the proximity sensor doesn’t work & calls can get suspended / cut by accident & how it allows u to sleep in since the non-recurring alarm doesn’t work. Not to mention how it forces u to focus on 1 task at a time since it can’t multitask. Woot. Such a marvellous invention.

  28. 28 uptowngal

    btw, the “me” 2 comments above isn’t me. just some user who called him/herself “me”.

  29. 29 daniel

    hey guys i have used nokia x6 it’s damn great !!!! get it ..!!! iphone is old and everyone has one and it’s 2 times more expensive for what just a peace of shit !!! and u guys up there never talk about iphone 4 cause it’s 3 times more expensive and apple has offer somthing like super cool with that price like 15 mega pixel camera not 5 mega pixel !!! so the best is nokia x666666666666666666666666666666666 cheap and great futures … and nokia n8 bits the iphone 4 in all the way round

  30. 30 UptownGal

    Hi Daniel,

    I was happy with my X6 too… until I got the N8 and now I feel the X6 pales in comparison. Haha. The RAM, fantastic camera (I can’t emphasize enough how good the camera is), sturdy built & homescreens are just some basic stuff that the N8 really trumps over the X6. Heh. Do consider getting the N8 when you want to change hp. 😀

  31. 31 nhadz

    i also satisfied with my cellphone right now im using nokia 3310 its better than iphone 4g and nokia n8 so hurry pick up it right now its affordable for people does not have plenty of money .. ^______________^

  32. 32 Canada

    Awesome phone, huge upgrade from N95
    I upgraded from a Nokia N95 and couldn’t be happier. Feature-wise, the two phones are almost the same, but the performance of the X6 is vastly improved. Sure it’s not hard to beat an old phone, but this one leaves me wanting for nothing.

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