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Hello Apple

It’s late so this will be a short post. Just to share that i bought an iPad 2! Still not an Apple fan though. Biggest gripe is that i can’t control simple things like deleting certain photos from my iPad without deleting it from my laptop album. What i do like is its portability. Will […]

Slipshod Work

I was told by a trade credit underwriter today to ignore a list of typos i found in the policy cos they don’t affect the policy’s coverage, terms and conditions. As this policy was not placed by me, i left it to the relationship manager to decide whether to insist on correcting the mistakes or […]


Just watched Fringe on Channel 5. Feel so sad for Olivia. For her pain when Peter couldn’t recognise the alternate her from the real her. Sigh. How sad. Hope this isn’t the end of them. (This is my 1st attempt posting from the iPad. Haven’t decided if I should get one too. Hmm…)

We did a day trip to Otaru.  Really beautiful little town.  Reminds me of those towns you see on Christmas cards.  Absolutely lovely! One of the shopping alleys in Otaru. Winter… one of the rare times Winnie is fully clothed… Some eatery in Otaru. Otaru Canal by day. Chef cooking our tempura lunch! I love […]

Photos from Shibuya & Shinjuku… more eating & shopping! I’ve forgotten the name of this restaurant but they specialised in omu rice. The food was good! Loved the salad starter too! Various types of omu rice & baked rice. Yummy… The famous 4-way crossing at Shibuya My first meal coupon meal! Tokyo is really pretty […]

Meiji Shrine & Harajuku… the Japanese love to dress up… whether it’s the traditional way… or in an outlandish manner! (Captions found below pics) Entrance to Meiji Shrine Lots of kids in traditional garb. Love the detail on their gowns! Ok.. so some kids were cuter than others… Obasans in kimonos Saw a ceremonial dance. […]

Japan, Nov 2010 (Part 4)

The great thing about Tokyo is that there are so many facets to it.  There’s the vibrant city life with all the lights & shopping, and laidback neighbourhoods like Daikayama where there’s this really delicious waffles place, and Canal Cafe, the most scenic cafe I’ve been to ever! (Captions are for the photos above) Daikanyama’s […]

Sightseeing in Tokyo… Just a note: the captions belong to the pictures above them. Tokyo street @ sunset. Imperial Palace, Tokyo Traditional Japanese women Ginza area, Tokyo A local buying breakfast at Tsukiji Fish Market. Corn on the cob, anyone? Really crowded at Tsukiji Fish Mkt in the morning! Yummy breakfast! Sedap!! Asakusa, Tokyo Love […]

Continuation of my favourite pics from Japan.  Sigh.. seeing the photos make me want to go Japan again! (Captions are below the photos) Hakodate & Hakone Goryokaku Star Forte at Hakodate. I really love the autumn leaves! Check out the generous serving of ikura!! Hakodate city at sunset. I just thought this was really smart […]

This post has been long in the making.  I know I’ve said a few times that I will eventually post my Japan photos… but never got down to it.  Problem is that I took loads and loads of photos and after uploading them to FB, it just became too much effort to post the photos […]

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