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Residents of the Forbidden City

Attempted to take some photos of my 4 rabbits but it was difficult! The minute i let them out of their cages, they hop about non-stop. I can never get a good shot of them. Here’s what i got so far… For more photos, please click : Forbidden City Photos

“Forbidden City”

Having just watched War & Beauty (a HK TV serial) on SCV, Clown & i now term my backyard as the Forbidden City. Bazhang, the emperor has just passed away & the Crown Prince, Coffee is still too young to ascend the throne. While Chinese emperors used to have “hou gong san qian” (后宫三千 – […]

Yet another visit to the pet shop…

Clown & i went to the pet shop again tonight. We brought Pepsi back to the pet shop and the china woman who sold her to us insisted that she was an obedient and sweet-natured rabbit. Pepsi was obviously unhappy that we brought her back ‘cos she stomped her foot thrice when she was returned […]

The Story of Bazhang & Tangyuan

I’ve had rabbits for the longest time… since i was a young kid, i’ve always liked rabbits. I used to keep the local white rabbits till the last one, June, died when i was in sec sch. Although i always wanted to keep rabbits as pets again, i never quite got down to it till […]


Just a quick update on the latest addition to my family. I’ve been so troubled by BZ the past few days that i didn’t have time to write about him – Coffee. That’s the latest rabbit to join our family. He’s a lionhead dwarf… about the same size as Pepsi (maybe slightly shorter) but he’s […]

Farewell to Bazhang

My mom woke me up at 6:50am this morning and told me that BZ passed away. I went down to see him and saw him lying down in a position he was sleeping in last night, but with his head resting on his litter pan. His body was stiff when we found him though he […]

I love Bazhang

BZ hasn’t been well for the past week. It started with a fussy appetite but knowing that he’s not well, we obliged him by giving him a different type of veg everyday – cabbage, carrot, parsley, celery, xiao bai cai… but as of last night, he has refused to eat anything we feed him. I […]

A moment of silence for Coke.

Coke passed away today. Found him cold & lifeless on the floor of his cage when i came home. Poor boy still had the runs on his tail. I’m not sure but Coke may have died of dehydration from diarrhoea ‘cos he wasn’t taking in enough water. I feel bad… i should’ve left a dish […]

Cute photos of my bunnies!

“Nobody gets between me and my water bottle!” Muah Chee was sleeping soundly when she was rudely awakened by BZ hopping into the cage. Pepsi hanging out with the big guy. Best pals!

Kg vs Kati

Left – picture of Coke on his house! As Coke is so tiny, Clown & i were curious how much he weighed so we took his weight just now. Little Coke is a mere 115g! That’s super light. In contrast, Pepsi weighs 400g – i’m pretty sure she’s grown a little since she came. I […]

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