Yet another visit to the pet shop…

Clown & i went to the pet shop again tonight. We brought Pepsi back to the pet shop and the china woman who sold her to us insisted that she was an obedient and sweet-natured rabbit. Pepsi was obviously unhappy that we brought her back ‘cos she stomped her foot thrice when she was returned to the cage at the pet shop. At first she got along ok with the other 2 rabbits in the cage… but 15min later, 1 of the rabbits attacked her and had to be removed.

The guy at the pet shop (who looks like a rabbit himself) said that he observed that Pepsi is very protective of her territory. Although she’s the newbie in the cage, she sniffed every corner and pooped at all 4 corners to mark her territory. That was probably what pissed the existing rabbit off and sparked off the attack. After the attacker & Pepsi were separated, Pepsi got mad & stomped her foot again. She was curled up like a ball, with her ears back and glaring at everyone. I tried to pet her to calm her down but she shrank away from me. It was as though she was afraid, yet totally pissed off.

Sigh… that convinced me that we had to give her up. I kinda miss her & couldn’t really bear to leave her behind at the pet shop. I told Pepsi to be guai and behave herself otherwise her new owners wouldn’t like her either. I don’t know if she’ll learn but i hope she’ll find a happy home soon.

In exchange for Pepsi, I got a lionhead-dwarf. (Had to top up $90 🙁 for it). We’ve named the lionhead-dwarf, Peanut (think the chinese dessert – peanut paste – same colour). After leaving that pet shop, Clown & i spotted a really really cute lop ear rabbit (I think it’s a holland lop. Will call the shop to check tomorrow). And so we bought it too! This new lop ear is called Horlicks (it’s white and brown).

The introduction of Peanut & Horlicks went smoothly. MC is obviously in heat ‘cos she’s been trying to hump Horlicks though both Peanut & Horlicks are gals. I’m not sure if i want to neuter MC ‘cos she’s been so guai. I asked the pet shop guy if it’s ok to have 1 male rabbit and 3 females… he paused for a sec & replied, “i think the male rabbit will be very happy”. Haha… i guess Coffee will be…. but he’s the youngest & smallest now so i call him the “toy boy”. Heh.

Anyway, all 4 rabbits were ok so i left them unseparated in 2 cages (i joined 2 cages to form a bigger t-shape cage). I think they’ll be ok.

Am too darn tired after spend the past week cleaning up after my rabbits & taking care of the house. Have been averaging 4 hours of sleep daily… oh dear, my eyes are closing as i type. Ok… will post more photos next time.


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