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Site Maintenance

Did some simple reno. works for the blog. Added things like my favourite posts, blogs (will add more once i get permission from more owners of blogs i like), and links to the sidebar on the left, as well as changed the music. But if u click on the link of the specific post in […]

At peace again…

Got a call from a sweet-voiced Singtel staff yesterday. She was polite, clear, and thoroughly professional. Didn’t catch her name ‘cos she woke me up from my late afternoon nap. Anyway, once she identified that she was from Singtel, i woke up enough to register that Singtel had acceded to my request – my mobile […]

Big Bully

dear followers of Pinky, my nanny is a big bully. just now, she insisted on carrying me. hey, i’m not a baby anymore ok! i’m not even a teenager! i’m a handsome young man now so it’s not good to be seen carried around so often. i mean, sometimes when she does it under the […]

Sarcasm… i like!

Got a reply from Bernard Ho of Singtel. Heh… he “suan-ed” me in his reply (see bits in blue) but it was very well written and i admire him for that. Heh… so no worries… i won’t shoot him down for this. My reply to his email is attached below. From: Bernard Ho Tjin Charn […]

And so we continue…

My latest email salvo to Singtel… Date: Apr 24, 2006 11:39 PM Subject: Conversion from Consumer to Corporate Plan To: Cc: Dear Bernard, Just in case you do not remember my case, I have attached one of my earlier email correspondence with Singtel below. I am glad to say that Ms. Halimah and […]

            The journey to the battlefield was a long and torturous one. The bunnies faced harsh weather, rough terrain & flash floods. But the brave bunnies soldiered on. They encouraged & constantly reminded one other that they must always hold up their morale.               […]

Singtel does it again!

Sometimes i wonder what the heck is wrong with a corporation as big as Singtel. About a month ago, i spoke to the Biz Solutions Director of my company and we agreed that i should migrate my personal mobile plan to a corporate plan so that my subscription fee will be lower. As my co. […]

Car Bumper Stickers

Cirrus was talking about funny bumper stickers to put on his new car… so i googled and found a few funny ones: On the journey of life, I chose the psycho path. On your mark, get set, go away! If you believe in telepathy, think about honking. If You’re Not A Hemorrhoid, Get Off My […]

Stupid drivers

Got really pissed off by this stupid driver on the road just now. I was on my way home from Toa Payoh when this idiotic driver decided to tail-gate me. Sheesh, the stupid driver didn’t even switch on his headlights, choosing to drive with only his fog lights on. As the fog lights were near […]

Loose Ends

Oh dear, have been really really busy all of a sudden. Started with the launch of the new condo in the west, training on how to be a pitbull, and then the turf war at the condo in the east. Got a couple of loose ends that i better tie up on my blog. Tana […]

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