Singtel does it again!

Sometimes i wonder what the heck is wrong with a corporation as big as Singtel. About a month ago, i spoke to the Biz Solutions Director of my company and we agreed that i should migrate my personal mobile plan to a corporate plan so that my subscription fee will be lower. As my co. pays for my phone bill, i wanted to do this so that there can be some savings for the company.

This was just before i bought the 6280 phone and i wasn’t sure which step i should take first – convert to corporate plan first, or recontract + buy the new phone first.

In the end, i chose to recontract + get a new phone first because the procedures to recontract under corporate plan is very troublesome & even the guy at the WyWy shop that i bought the phone from said i should recontract first.

Then the big brouhaha happened, and Singtel succeeded in totally pissing me off by their misrepresentation and just when i resolved everything with them, a Mr. Tan Poh Soon from their Corporate Business Group tells me that all benefits i enjoy now will be cancelled because “whatever Consumer side promised is on their cost, not Business’ dept”. What the FCUK is wrong with these people man?? This Mr. Tan Poh Soon couldn’t even tell me how much my current plan is when all it takes is for him to click on HIS company’s website to check and I HAD TO DO IT MYSELF while on the phone with him.

And when i tried to explain that i already went through a very long process of sorting out the misrep. that Singtel made and that Mr. Bernard Ho from Corporate Comm. is also aware of this, Mr. PS Tan’s exact words to me were, “There are so many thousands of people in Singtel. I won’t be able to find out…”. What sort of freaking bad attitude is that? I haven’t even raised my voice or use a harsher tone on him yet because i’m in office!

Argh! Now i’m really really pissed again… i’m so NOT going to let this stupid PS Tan get away with this man. Argh. Idiots!! (Just look at his name & u know he’s a piece of crap. PS Tan…)

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