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A Whole New Voice

Cache sent me this on youtube… I wasn’t very impressed… till the midway through the song… hahahaha.     This is even better!  😛   Heheheheheh…..

We picked 40 photos from French Bridal to go into the pre-wedding album.  Sadly, I kinda liked the photos better before the editing was done… Anyway, here’s a sample of the photos for friends who don’t have a Facebook a/c.  For those who have, I’ve uploaded all 40 onto FB.           […]

6 Songs Collide

Cache sent this youtube video to me… it’s a mesh of 6 songs.  Quite cool though I only know 2 out of the 6 songs. Click here to view the video (I couldn’t embed it) or listen to the 6 songs here: [audio:6-songs-collide.mp3] The songs are: Songs and Artists – Jason Mraz’s I’m Yours – […]

Our Very Own SE Ad

I was helping Booze Queen charge her hp and noted that the colours of our phones placed together looked so pretty.  Hehe.  I told Booze Queen who borrowed Jazz’s hp to take the above photo.  Keke.  Cute eh?  😛

Thinking Thin vs Being Thin

I love the 2nd paragraph of the article below… such a polite way of saying that the women in Britain, Spain and Portugal are delusional.. hahahaha. ================================= Health @ AsiaOne French women, thinnest in Europe, think they’re fat France has by far the highest proportion of clinically underweight women in Europe, but only half of […]


Memory. All alone in the moonlight I can smile at the old days, I was beautiful then. I remember the time I knew what happiness was, Let the memory live again. while searching for my baby photos, i found a lot of old cards that friends had written to me many years back.  i had […]

Thinking Aloud

I think I really like these songs.  Jack Johnson – Do You Remember [audio:Jack-Johnson-Do-You-Remember.mp3] Photo montage song?   Jason Mraz – Lucky [audio:Jason-Mraz-Lucky.mp3] 2nd photo montage song?   Daniel Ho – For Eternity [audio:Daniel-Ho-For-Eternity.mp3] Solemnisation march-in song?   Jack Johnson – Better Together [audio:Jack-Johnson-Better-Together.mp3] Dinner march-in song?   Michael Buble – Feeling Good [audio:Michael-Buble-Feeling-good.mp3] 2nd […]


Left office pretty early today (6ish?) and dropped by my cousin’s place after dinner.  My wonderful cousin passed me her very beautifully decorated angbao box, guest book from Novotel (she had her own guest book and didn’t use the hotel’s), which looks much lovelier than Hyatt’s Popular-purchased $9.90 guest book and most importantly, she helped […]

For Eternity (by Daniel Ho)

[audio:Daniel-Ho-For-Eternity.mp3] Came across this lovely song on Facebook. Not sure who the singer is… Daniel Ho’s the songwriter.

When I was Small

I used to decorate my NTU hostel room with these photos.  They’re some of my most loved photos of me as a kid.  Will be using some (if not all) in the photo montage for the wedding… but here’s a preview anyway.   2 weeks old (I was born with a head full of hair!) […]

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