We picked 40 photos from French Bridal to go into the pre-wedding album.  Sadly, I kinda liked the photos better before the editing was done…

Anyway, here’s a sample of the photos for friends who don’t have a Facebook a/c.  For those who have, I’ve uploaded all 40 onto FB.

 IMG_2005 IMG_2128


IMG_2104 IMG_1923


 IMG_3691 IMG_3725


 IMG_3763 IMG_3771


 IMG_3782 IMG_3785


IMG_3821 IMG_3800


 IMG_3909 copy IMG_3884


Sigh.  Regret not telling French Bridal to give me the soft copy of the unedited photos…

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  1. 1 katrine

    looks great !

  2. 2 UptownGal


  3. 3 katrine

    I like the black and white shot….always liked that idea…it’s so cool

  4. 4 Min

    Hi, can I take a look at your remaining shots? I just signed up with French bridal, went to google their reviews and not very positive so kinda worried. Thanks 🙂

  5. 5 UptownGal

    Sorry, don’t have other shots available to post here but they weren’t too bad actually. I was initially not very pleased ‘cos it looked like there was too much blurring round the edges of the photos, however, when the photos were blown up to be printed in the album, the effect was ok.

    In addition, I really liked the makeup Jin Yan did for me during the dinner. Very very happy with the hairstyle she gave me too.

    Overall, I think the service by French Bridal was ok. They’re a mass market bridal studio so don’t expect super customisation & divinely attentive service but I think they met my expectations. The only thing I was annoyed was with their outsourced tailor who did my made to measure gown. She was slow & forgetful. I had to make the effort to send her reminders to get my gown on time.

  6. 6 Christie


    I chance up upon your pictures. Your pictures look great! I didn’t sign with French Bridal but I am interested in getting Jin Yan as my make up artist. Do you have her contact? Can you email me? Thanks!

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