Don’t Dare to Dream

At episode 19/24 of this K drama. Realised I like people who are considerate. Don’t think that’s a typical main trait people cite when asked about what sort of people they like? Well, that’s a main one for me. For sure.

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사실 지난 주의 수업이 조금 이상했어요. 이유가 모르지만 선생님 ‘설날’의 발음 was [설날] instead of [설랄]. I think it was Joey who asked about it then 선생님 explained it’s [설랄]. 그런데 우리 같이 소리로 읽을때 선생님 still used [설날].
I’m fussy. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


Tobias had a seizure on Thu night. Spent 4 hours at The Animal Doctors before he was seen by Dr Chandi.

To summarise the findings at the vet:

1. Left ear has bacterial infection (which is unusual cos bunnies usually turn/scrunch towards the side that’s hurting but Tobias was scrunched to the right)

2. His heart has sounds of murmur which wasn’t audible 2 weeks ago.

3. He’s borderline anaemic.

5. Blood works show there’s an ongoing infection. The blood was sent to test for EC too… We’ll know in 2 weeks.

6. X-ray showed his there’s more “white veins” at the lungs but dunno what’s the cause.

Tobias ate about all of his usual dinner last night so that’s good. His right hind leg remains weak but he’s no longer scrunched to the right.

Overall, I think there’s improvement for sure! I’m glad I chose not to ward him because he refused to eat while at the vet. I think he’s happier at home. (Vet suggested warding him cos his breathing was harder than usual)

Garmin Lily

I bought the Garmin Lily! Sort of an impulse buy… I was just looking at my Fitbit Versa 3 on my wrist over the past week and suddenly felt very very sick of the design. I’ve had it for the past 2 years… and the Versa 2 before it… which looks almost identical. I suddenly missed the more dressy looking watches I used to wear (before switching to smart watches) so I decided to look for a smart watch that looks more dressy. Haha.

It’s a slight downgrade feature-wise compared to the Fitbit Versa 3. There’s no payment ability and no microphone to use with Google Assistant. The preset responses to text are also fixed so no customised replies possible.

I didn’t realise until I got the Garmin Lily that while I can view notifications on the watch, I am unable to “open” the app on my phone from the watch. This is something that the Versa 3 could do and I do miss this function. The other strange thing is that alarms need to be created via the Garmin Connect app on the phone instead of directly on the watch (which was the case with the Versa 3).

These issues aside, I am largely satisfied with the Lily. Firstly, it is extremely light! And the small watch face is perfect for my wrist (I have unusally small wrists for an adult). The bluetooth connection with the phone works a lot better too. One annoying issue with the Fitbit was that if you move away from the phone and the bluetooth connection is lost, after it reconnects, the watch regularly spams you with old notifications that have been seen already. And these old notifications can even go back several days! Highly annoying!

The second bug with the Versa is that the Spotify control is spotty (pun intended). I tried using the Versa to control music (just basic start/stop) while teaching dance. However, quite often, when the Versa’s screen goes to standby mode, the connection with the Spotify app is lost and it refuses to reconnect.

The Lily automatically shows music controls when Spotify is playing on my phone and so far, no issues with it at all. 🙂 Quite happy with my purchase, really. I wished the other Garmin models were not so expensive (the Venu 2 Plus would be comparable feature-wise with the Versa 3 but it is like double the price!) That said, not exactly something I need to be concerned with since the other Garmin models are too large for me anyway. Hahahaha.

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Moving out of Comfort Zone

Pretty much an open secret now… Will the numbers challenge be harder or the person challenge be harder? I think the former. So hard to change something that your brain isn’t born to do. Waiting for announcement…

First Love

I know why all the viewers wanted them to be together. Because their love was so pure and so warm (do you notice how many hugs they had in the entire drama vs kisses?) And that’s why first loves often do not last. When you put the other person before yourself and want only the best for the other person, after a while, this type of love does not give you support anymore and people will choose themselves in the end. It’s not that love has to be selfish to last but I think it’s about finding a balance.

I can truly relate. But it’s also this sort of first love that will bring a smile when you look back at it. You would only wish the best for the person that you’ve parted ways with.


저는 미극어서 새 신발을 샀어요! 온라인 쇼핑을 너무 좋아해요!

I bought new shoes from the US! Online shopping FTW! Ezship makes it cheap to ship stuff back.

Twenty-five Twenty-one

Nothing special happened today. Went to the office, had a mid-day wine with Saja Hunter and her retired boss (maybe this is something outside of ordinary), then went to the dermatologist and then dinner with Iceman.

I did keep replaying the scenes from episode 16 of Twenty-five Twenty-one in my head though. I feel so sad that the male and female leads didn’t get together but the more I thought about it, the more I understood why.

Na Heedo knew what it was like being repeatedly disappointed by her journalist mom and she didn’t want to repeat that with her life partner. At the same time, she wouldn’t have asked him to give up his ambition for her. For Baek Yijin, he knew how much NHD’s mom’s absence hurt her (he said before that he looked up to her mom but started to think that he shouldn’t when he saw how much hurt it caused her). The repeated apologies turned into a burden.

It’s sad honestly. He transferred to local news to avoid any conflict of interest in covering sports… But it was this switch that started the rift between them.

I guess at the end of the day, we take risks with every choice we make. There’s no point regretting what was or wasn’t done because with every loss, a new opportunity would have arisen and with every new opportunity, something would be lost.

Such is life.

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