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What makes a good broker?

Caught up with an ex-client for drinks last Fri. ‘Ex’ because the client changed companies and that account is being managed by a colleague of mine. Client was griping about certain issues at the new place and BM and me suggested some ways the client could get around the problem. The client then said – see! That’s the difference between me/BM and McGriddles. When client tells McGriddles any problems the client has, he will just say something along the lines of “indeed, that’s a problem”.

The lesson I learnt here was that clients don’t always expect you to have solutions to everything. Sometimes, they just want to bounce ideas back and forth to see if a solution can be found. Repeating a problem back to the client is probably the worst thing one can do.

Mercy & Justice

Read something interesting in Our Daily Bread today – mercy doesn’t mean lack of accountability and pursuing justice doesn’t mean retributive revenge.

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Singapore GE 2020

The 13th General Elections took place last Fri, 10 Jul 2020.

I’ve been quite apathetic this elections honestly. I used to get really annoyed at people voting for the opposition just for the sake of having an opposition in parliament. I always felt strongly that you should vote for a party that’s capable enough to govern. Or maybe vote for the candidate whom you believe would best serve your estate/constituency.

But after 10 odd years, I’ve come to realise that there’s no use persuading people otherwise. I believe Singapore has had it too good the last 5 decades and maybe we should give people what they want. Vote in a crappy govt and for 5 years, let our economy come to a standstill. I think we’re ahead enough to survive 5 years of poor governance and I’m relatively confident that my career is secure enough to survive a 5-year trough.

What I have observed in this elections though is that it sucks to be a PAP candidate. Take Ivan Lim for example. A number of people came out to quote examples of how he was an arrogant prick to them and there was such a big furore on the Internet, he decided to withdraw his candidacy.

Then you have Raeesah Khan from WP. Old posts of hers were unveiled where she accused the Singapore police and judicial system of 1) mercilessly jailing minorities, 2) harassing mosque leaders, 3) letting the leaders of City Harvest Church go scot free (no, they were fined and jailed) and 4) asking who did they bribe to walk free.

Total untruths and this is now being investigated by the police as we have laws against people who incite racial disharmony (plus she made false allegations against the judiciary).

Did she have to withdraw from the elections? Nope! Supporters of the opposition said she was speaking up against racism.

I’m frankly appalled. I’m not asking anyone to love PAP but let’s at least treat everyone fairly OK?

The opp questioned PAP’s candidate selection process… Then what about WP’s? Why the double standards?

When results came out, I was even more shocked. The voters in Aljunied GRC decided to re-elect the WP as their MP, and by a greater margin than during the 2015 elections. Seriously? Does the fact that the incumbent WP MPs have been found guilty by the High Court of misusing SGD 33.7m of them council funds mean nothing to them? Yes, they are appealing the case but why would you vote the same people in again?

All in all, too much double standards and too many logic defying moments.

Well, we will all live and die by our decisions.

Bye bye, Tris

Tris left us on 21 May 2020. She didn’t eat much the day before but took CC when we fed her during lunch. She didn’t eat dinner so we fed her another round of CC at night. She wasn’t active the whole night so I came out around midnight to sit on the living room and observe her. She seemed to be in pain around 1am so I gave her some rid wind and massaged her tummy. I went to shower, thinking I would feed another round of rid wind about 2am. Then I suddenly heard a loud crash coming from the playpen. I rushed out and saw Tris had pounced into the litter tray, her body in a loaf position but with her neck stretched out and stiff. I quickly woke Iceman up as I knew the end was near and there was no way we could make it down to any vet in time.

We patted her and told her we loved her and comforted her as much as we could. She then had a seizure and passed on.

Tobias was very upset about Tris’ passing. He refused to eat much for 2 days and we had to take him to the vet to be treated for GI stasis. Took him 2 weeks before he recovered and started eating normal quantities again. I didn’t know GI could last for 2 weeks!

But since then, Tobias refuses to eat plain hay so I make him CC hay every morn and night. He likes the CC hay though so that’s good.

We’re not intending to get a companion for Tobias as he’s getting on in age and it’s best if we can devote our full attention on him. He’s still very hyper and we’re thankful for that!

This is the last pic we took of them together, the day before Tris died.

We’ll miss you, pretty girl!


I know one day I will look back at this and see that Covid-19 is just one of the many life experiences people gain during their lifetime. It will not be any different from SARS or H1N1 or any of the other pandemics that have hit the world before.

Singapore started our “Circuit Breaker” on 7th Apr. I’ve been working from home from before the Circuit Breaker started (for 4-5 weeks) now and work is getting busier than ever. It annoys me when people/organisations act as though people are very free just because the are working from home (or I should say – “WFH” – the latest trendy acronym invented). Yes, I know, there are some who are unable to work because their retail shops are closed, entertainment venues are closed and so on. But there are many many of us who are slogging to work through the credit crisis caused by the tumbling oil prices and record credit losses (or potential losses) in the market. Started with Dongying at the end of 2019, then Agritrade, then Qingyuan and now Hin Leong. Every deal I work on requires 3x the usual effort but with a lower chance of success.

The good thing about WFH though is that I get to let the bunnies out to play on some days. (Can’t do it everyday ‘cos the slippery living room floor is bad for Tris and she loves to come out.)

Tris napping under the TV console
Tobias licking the hay dust from the bowl

As with all things, Covid-19 too, will pass.

Hope everyone remains healthy and cooperative with the government’s efforts to stop the spread during the Circuit Breaker!

V-Day 2020

A very real Valentine’s Day, amidst fears of the COVID-19 mutating to become something more serious, amidst a deteriorating credit environment and more businesses going insolvent and learning from the reality that even your spouse’s love for you will always be so small compared to God’s love.

I really overestimated spousal love. I thought finally, if push comes to shove, one would be willing to let go of a friendship if it makes your spouse uneasy. Unfortunately that is not the case. It probably wouldn’t be so bad if I wasn’t led to think that way. Unfortunately, it is what it is.

What can I say? 2020 vision sucks. Fuck me.

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I don’t know why

A half truth makes a whole lie.
Too many I don’t know whys.
The longer the evasion, the more natural the white lies.
Ever increasing guilt, ever decreasing joy.

God’s Word

Reading the bible really gives me a lot of comfort. It gives me peace, and assurance knowing that He is here for me and He is all that matters. Thank you, Lord.

December 2021