Twenty-five Twenty-one

Nothing special happened today. Went to the office, had a mid-day wine with Saja Hunter and her retired boss (maybe this is something outside of ordinary), then went to the dermatologist and then dinner with Iceman.

I did keep replaying the scenes from episode 16 of Twenty-five Twenty-one in my head though. I feel so sad that the male and female leads didn’t get together but the more I thought about it, the more I understood why.

Na Heedo knew what it was like being repeatedly disappointed by her journalist mom and she didn’t want to repeat that with her life partner. At the same time, she wouldn’t have asked him to give up his ambition for her. For Baek Yijin, he knew how much NHD’s mom’s absence hurt her (he said before that he looked up to her mom but started to think that he shouldn’t when he saw how much hurt it caused her). The repeated apologies turned into a burden.

It’s sad honestly. He transferred to local news to avoid any conflict of interest in covering sports… But it was this switch that started the rift between them.

I guess at the end of the day, we take risks with every choice we make. There’s no point regretting what was or wasn’t done because with every loss, a new opportunity would have arisen and with every new opportunity, something would be lost.

Such is life.

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