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Ever since I came back from my US trip in Dec, I get very tickled whenever I hear waiter/waitress ask, “having here or takeaway?” because it reminds me of an incident that happened in the US. One of my friends, a French chap and I wanted to buy lunch to eat in the ballroom. After […]

What Did You Say?

A colleague of mine lost 4kg recently so I’ve gotten quite used to hearing people tell him that he looks trimmer now.  Two days ago, both of us met up with some prospects for lunch.  One of these prospects used to work in one of our bank clients some years back and it’s been about […]

I just came across this super hilarious video clip.  Myolie Wu went on this talk show & she was supposed to get someone to say “I love you” to her.  She called Kenneth Ma & the ensuing conversation was hilarious!  Watch the video here: Myolie: I’ll try to call this person. Fama & Kitty: […]

Damn You Auto-Correct

This has gotta be the most classic “damn u iOS autocorrect” story i’ve heard. My colleague’s ex-boyfriend SMSed her to say that he’s getting married. She was happy for him as they’ve remained friends and wanted to reply, “Congrats!”. Unfortunately she typed wrongly… and her iPhone auto-corrected it to “Contest!” The guy went silent after […]

Searching Google

Given that the word “google” has made it into our dictionaries, I thought it was interesting to find out what people around the globe search for.  Check the list below… purely for some laughs on a late Friday afternoon.

What Time Is It

Anyone remembers the old Tiger ad campaign – What Time Is It? Well, for those who don’t remember, or perhaps just forgot… the Hokkien version was by… Cai Lizhang!  Heh.  This was the brainchild of the original artistic director who came up with the ad campaign, Liang Weifeng (if my sources are correct). Here’s the […]

What a Load of Bull!

I wanted to take a photo of this but kept forgetting to bring my handphone into the loo… so this is taken from Booze Queen’s page… Seriously, I have no idea why anyone would refer to themselves as the “BS team”.


Sian.  Wanted to do some work tonight but can’t connect to office servers.  Sian.  E-mail won’t work, no access to common drives… our IT systems suck. 

Curly Hair & Me

I couldn’t resist – permed my hair last Fri.  Yuki did a “Japanese perm” this time – in short, my hair was set in curlers, doused with the first chemical, rinsed out, soaked with second chemical and the rinsed again.  The whole perming process took about 2+ hrs.  No heat was involved so the curls […]

Bicycle Kicks

Brokers would do anything for more brokerage… including requests from underwriters to score some bicycle kick goals…

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