I just came across this super hilarious video clip. 

Myolie Wu went on this talk show & she was supposed to get someone to say “I love you” to her.  She called Kenneth Ma & the ensuing conversation was hilarious! 

Watch the video here: http://hyn5-hyn5.blogspot.com/2009/06/ma-ming-says-i-love-you-to-myolie-wu.html

Myolie: I’ll try to call this person.
Fama & Kitty: This person is?
Kitty: A male friend.
Myolie: Ma Ming.
6 Wing: Do you think Ma Ming is okay?
C Kwan: Do you think Ma Ming is playful?
6 Wing: Ma Ming is okay playful.
Myolie: No, the problem is that it is very difficult to have him say it.
C Kwan: How about we don’t focus on that saying? We can cover a bigger area.
Myolie: But I can’t ask him if he likes me.
C Kwan & Kitty: You can!
Myolie: I can?
C Kwan: Yes.
Kitty: Obviously, that wouldn’t be the first thing you say. You have to slowly get to the topic. Start off with something like, "Actually, we are…."
Myolie: We don’t have to slowly get to the topic because when we have to ask something, we ask it right away.
Kitty: Oh.
6 Wing: Do you like me? You’ll say that first when you call him?
Myolie: Yes. He will immediately say, "Love".
Kitty: Really?
Myolie: Yes, do you believe it?
C Kwan & Kitty: Okay, let’s try it.
Kitty: Are all of your guy friends like this?
Myolie: No.
Kitty: If so, then you should call three of them. Try calling three guys, and say to them, "I like you very much!"
Myolie: Actually, only Ma Ming is like that! I don’t know if he’ll pick up. This game is pretty fun.
Ma Ming: Hello?
Myolie: Hello, Ma Ming?
Ma Ming: Yes.
Myolie: It’s Myolie!
Ma Ming: What’s up?
Myolie: Are you free?
Ma Ming: What are you doing?
Myolie: What are you doing?
Ma Ming: I’m not doing anything. I just finished.
Myolie: You’ve done the costume fitting, and have left?
Ma Ming: Yes, I’m done the fitting, and I’ve left. Are you at the company?
Myolie: No, I’m not at the company.
Ma Ming: What’s up? What’s up?
Myolie: Nothing. Were you happy when you came over to my house for a BBQ yesterday?
Ma Ming: Happy. What’s up?
Myolie: Do you love me?
Ma Ming: I love you!
Myolie: Thank you! Bye bye!
Fama: That’s impossible!
Kitty: Why was that so easy?!
C Kwan: You guys are actually together!
6 Wing: That’s impossible! I suspect that they we doing more than BBQing last night!
Kitty: That’s correct! Why don’t you give me Ma Ming’s number and I’ll try to call him. I’ll say exactly what you said "I love you", and see what happens.
Fama & Myolie & Kitty: All right!
Kitty: We’ll see if Kenneth Ma is a very open kind of guy!
Myolie: You’ll have to tell him that you are Kitty.
Kitty: I will, no problem.
Ma Ming: Hello?
Kitty: Hello, may I speak to Mr. Kenneth Ma?
Ma Ming: Speaking!
Kitty: It’s Kitty Yuen!
Ma Ming: What’s up?
Kitty: I just want to thank you for coming on our programme last time.
Ma Ming: Don’t mention it.
Kitty: Actually, we are very fortunate to have you on as a guest.
Ma Ming: Thank you.
Kitty: Actually, after that time… I…
Ma Ming: Are you playing the Fama and Kitty show?
Kitty: Kitty show? I don’t have any whiskers.
Ma Ming: You guys are playing the Fama and Kitty show, right?
Kitty: Fama and Kitty show? What is that?
Ma Ming: Tavia Yeung just called me.
Kitty: Why did Tavia call you?
Ma Ming: She asked if I love her or not.
Kitty: Tavia?!
Myolie: It’s Myolie!
Ma Ming: Myolie, Myolie Wu!
Myolie: Hey, did you voice get cut off?
Kitty: So, the one he actually likes is Tavia!
Myolie: You came to my house yesterday for BBQ, and you say it’s Tavia!
Ma Ming: I just finished the costume fitting [for "Iron Horse Seeking Bridge"].
C Kwan: He actually likes Tavia. No one ever liked you!
Kitty: So, no one ever liked you!
Ma Ming: I mixed it up.
C Kwan: Everybody likes Tavia, and nobody likes you!
Myolie: Say again.
Ma Ming: I just saw Tavia, so I mixed it up and said the wrong "Yi".
Myolie: You just said it wrong, right?
Ma Ming: Yes, I just said it wrong.
Myolie: Then who am I?
C Kwan: Tavia!
Ma Ming: You are Myolie.
Myolie: Do you love me?
Ma Ming: Love you, love you…
Myolie: How much love?
Ma Ming: Really love. Is this recorded? It’s recorded right?
Myolie: I’ll let you off this time.
Ma Ming: Really love.
Kitty: What about me?
Ma Ming: Are you Kitty?
Kitty: Yes.
Ma Ming: I really love you, too.
Kitty: Do you love me more or do you love Nancy Wu more?
Ma Ming: I love Myolie the most.
6 Wing: Does he love Tavia the most?
C Kwan: He loves Tavia the most.
6 Wing: You love Tavia the most. You’ve mixed them up.
Kitty: You love Tavia the most. You should get that cleared up.
Myolie: Okay, it’s time to hang up.
Ma Ming: Do I have to record it again? Myolie, I love you!
Myolie: There’s no need to. It’s enough.
Ma Ming: It’s recorded? Okay.
Myolie: Okay. I’m finished using you now. Okay, bye bye.
Ma Ming: Okay, bye bye.
Ma Ming: Okay, bye bye!
Myolie: That’s so mean!
C Kwan: That’s not mean. It’s just that he doesn’t like you.
Fama: He loves Tavia!

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