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I’ve always liked watching TVB serials. I probably learnt most of my Cantonese from watching these shows. Over the years, i’ve like many actors and actresses. Sadly, many have left the station so the chances of me seeing them on TV is very low. That said, i’m really happy that in the past year, my […]

Sooo Tired

I’m hooked on the TVB series, On Call 36 Hours (official English title is The Hippocratic Crush).  Wanted to finishg watching ep 19 of 25 tonight but i’m sooo tired after an insurer’s launch cocktail party & a dinner with new clients.  Talk about a night of entertaining.  *Yawn*. I really love the main stars […]


Just watched Fringe on Channel 5. Feel so sad for Olivia. For her pain when Peter couldn’t recognise the alternate her from the real her. Sigh. How sad. Hope this isn’t the end of them. (This is my 1st attempt posting from the iPad. Haven’t decided if I should get one too. Hmm…)

Autumn Concerto

The latest drama I’ve been following is 下一站,幸福. Got to say that my opinion of Vanness Wu really changed. Haha. Never knew he can actually act. Found him a lot less irritating than ha was in Meteor Garden. Actually, I didn’t find him irritating at all! Anyway, I’m half way through the drama. Been fast […]

Love Queen

I think Cheryl Yang’s such a great actress so I’m on a bid to watch as many dramas with her inside as possible – as long as she has a reasonable amount of screen time, since 败犬女王 was her first starring role.  The first drama of hers I’m going to catch is Love Queen aka […]

  Started watching 败犬女王 aka Queen of No Marriage aka My Queen for the 3rd time last night.  I’ve never been a great fan of Taiwanese dramas so I didn’t have very high expectations when Ch U first started showing the series.  After watching the first few episodes, however, I found it soooo funny that […]

Summer Holiday 2

Yay!!  Jingle Ma will be directly a sequel to the hit romantic comedy Summer  Holiday in 2010!  Richie Ren & Sammi Cheng will be starring in it again.  Yay yay yay!  That’s one of my favourite movies of all time!!  ISP folks will remember I used to watch it almost everyday while answering calls at […]

Ass Factor

Anyone watched S Factor on Ch 5 last night?  Gosh.  It was bad… the girls were ugly (almost all of them), had bad body shapes and were generally short and flat.  Kinda sad.  But then again, if they were really good, they wouldn’t need to strip almost bare to command attention.  After all, models make […]

Look Alikes

I know I have an overactive imagination but sometimes I just can’t help seeing similarities in people – even if they are of a different race. Like Justin Long (saw him in He’s Just Not That Into You just now) and Joey Leung (of TVB’s Detective Investigative Files fame). This is Justin Long: And this […]

Mamma Mia!

Went to watch the movie today.  It’s sooooo good!  The plot’s really simple – Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) was raised by her single mom, Donna (Meryl Streep) and has always wondered about the identify of her father.  She finds her mom’s old diary hidden in a trunk in the house and the entries in the diary […]

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